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i do not have any insurance. someone gave me a paper several years ago for the medicine program and i get all three of my insulins free of charge. this is a lifesaver. just type in freemedicineprogram

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jitter 2008-07-03 23:51:21 -0500 Report

Also look at what the state offers…found a program here in Oklahoma that is helping us and it goes by your income. www.rx 4…been helping us getting meds

wendi - 19747
wendi - 19747 2008-08-07 12:53:35 -0500 Report

I tried the link and didn't get anywhere could you please send me the web address?
I live in Oklahoma and don't have insurance and don't qualify for state help

COR Clinical Research
COR Clinical Research 2009-08-19 15:52:19 -0500 Report

We are a research firm here in Oklahoma City that does research on diabetes. Volunteers receive study related care and study medication at no charge. You also receive a great deal of medical attention, dietary advice as well as other benefits. For more information, call us at 405-272-8481.

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