When Drs Who Are NOT Endocrinologists Try To Tell Me How To Control My Diabetes

By Mindy82 Latest Reply 2014-03-27 03:00:28 -0500
Started 2014-03-22 04:03:08 -0500

Anyone else had/have this issue? It really trips my trigger

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-03-27 03:00:28 -0500 Report

I am sorry to hear what this doctor said to you. It even trips my trigger just reading about it. Here's wishing you better visits and results in the future.
After almost 5 years as type 2 and of only seeing an MD I am finally getting to see an Endo. The closest in my ins. network to where we live now is 2 hours away and I can't get in until June. But this is the first time I have lived where I can see one. Wish me a good visit, I am hoping to get some answers.

Type1Lou 2014-03-23 11:27:52 -0500 Report

My diabetes had been overseen by endos until moving to Florida in 2005. I then saw only my PCP because the nearest endo was over an hour away. I was leery of some of the steps taken by my PCP and after serious low BG episodes in 2009/2010, I sought the help of an endo, who reduced my insulin and ultimately got me on a pump. Had I not sought out an endo, I firmly believe I would not be here now. PCP and other specialists do not have the knowledge that the endocrinologists have to properly deal with diabetes. If another doctor brought up my diabetes treatment, I would comment that I will bring up his/her concern with my endocrinologist.

JaredLahti 2014-03-22 09:26:24 -0500 Report

I too have only seen a general practitioner regarding my diabetes. The only specialist I see regularly is my neurologist for my epilepsy.

JaredLahti 2014-03-22 09:27:30 -0500 Report

I would like to add that my dr has been amazing. The only complaint I had was when he was gone and I couldn't stand his temp dr.

jayabee52 2014-03-22 09:01:24 -0500 Report

Howdy Mindy

No I have not ever had an Endo who focused on Diabetes in my life. All my consultations for diabetes were with GP/PGPs and I do fine.

I did have an Endo who was for my thyroid and did a needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule, but we never talked of my diabetes. There are Endos who specialize in different glands in the body (I need one for my parathyroid right now) and when they delve into other glands in the endocine system they may miss something.

So just because a Dr is an Endo, does not mean that that Dr is a specialist in the pancreas.

What is this non Endo Dr trying to tell you how to manage your Diabetes?

God's best to you and yours


Mindy82 2014-03-22 23:04:38 -0500 Report

I was born physically disabled, and as part of that, am unable to do much physical activity. My Dr noticed my sugar was higher than an able bodied diabetics might be and yelled at me saying " you need to get out of that wheelchair and walk off the excess sugar" and im like " I was born with this disability. How am I supposed to get back what what I never had?"

jayabee52 2014-03-23 05:35:21 -0500 Report

Oh Mindy all I can say is wow, such insensitivity, such thoughtlessness! I can see why it "trips my trigger".

Sorry to learn of your disability.

However I want to point out that even Endos can display such insensitivity, or thoughtlessness. Sometimes a person's great learning can make them into real jerks.

You do know about seated exercise? They have some good ones on YouTube both for seated exercise as well as seated yoga. Just go to the youtube site and search for seated exercises in their search engine.

God's best to you


harry1 2014-03-22 05:31:45 -0500 Report

I trust my PCP more than the endo that I had. My PCP is a internal medicine doctor. She wants my blood sugar readings every two weeks and I see her once a month for follow ups and any adjustments on my insulin. The endo than I had wanted blood sugars every three months and I only saw him every three months. My PCP has better control of my diabetes than the endo did.