So I wanna hear ALL of your diabetic pregnancy stories!

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So I might be pregnant and I'm super happy and excited! I wanna hear all type one diabetic's pregnancy stories, tips, and what I have to look forward to!

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Melissa Shannon
Melissa Shannon 2014-03-21 12:44:25 -0500 Report

Hi there,

It's really helpful to hear success stories isn't it?

I had my first baby a year ago. I found the hardest part of the pregnancy was the 1st trimester when the baby was growing and thus lows would hit hard and frequent.

I can remember driving at one point and needing to pull over to eat a frosty at Wendy's, even that with 50 + carbs was not enough.

That stage, like all things passes. I found managing my blood glucose levels was actually easier during the rest of my pregnancy than normal. I guess it's because my hormones were steady and not all over the place, as is the case with a normal menstrual cycle.

I'm planning my second pregnancy now. I hope you'll check my blog out at: I'm posting about my last pregnancy and, God willing my next one too:)

All the best to you:)

jayabee52 2014-03-20 16:01:15 -0500 Report

Howdy Anon
I have never been pregnant, but my first wife was 3 times and each time she had gestational diabetes. With her first pregnancy it took the ob/gyn a bit to discover her gestational diabetes but when he did she followed the dietary guidelines quite well.

The first one was also the time when we discovered that she wouldn't go into full labor without being injected with pitosin. So PD was in her womb for longer than he should have been. Due to that PD had a BM in the amniotic sac and there was a fear that he had breathed some of that in. We were worried about damage to his lungs because of that, but it turned out he was OK.

On the subsequent 2 pregnancies, we were alerted that she might go gestational again, and also that she needed pitosin to bring her into full labor.

After each pregnancy her diabetes resolved and we made the decision that she wouldn't get pregnant again to avoid her developing diabetes permanently like her mom did. As of this writing she has not yet followed her mom into diabetes.

God's best

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