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I have been a diabetic for 1 year on xmas eve, i have just recently accepted this disease and i am disabled and with the disability i lost my health insurance i am asking anyone who may have information on where i may receive free testing strips, i've tied in with lancet solostar for my insulin for 1 year but i'm in need of information on assistance if you can assist Holla back(smile)

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I was going to suggest exactly what you did, angie, great minds think alike, but I can add. click on Johns face anywhere and it will take you to his home page. vieew activity and you will find some discussions about free ways to get supplies that he had foundl HOpe this helps, claudia

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So sorry to hear Lady. I do know the website that Montel Williams supports for free medical supplies. They do have two different websites, however, this website will link you to both. I did type in Freestyle Lite test strips and they were covered. It's based on income but on disability you should be okay. It's worth trying. The address is www.PPARx.org. Good luck to you. You are in my prayers. Angie