My Life With the Bigger D - Diabetes

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why does it seem like I can't get it right ? I eat healthy, I sleep properly, I get enough exercise, take my shots as required, just can't seem to get on top of this.

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justputtering 2014-03-16 18:30:17 -0500 Report

I recently left my diagnosing doc. Have a new doc and educator / nutritionalist. Original doc had me go for blood work twice a month. New team wants every 3 months. Have met with the new team only once and am hopeful this will be the turn around. My previous doc classed me as "brittle". New doc does not use that word. She has great hope we can work this out. :)

fozy 2014-03-16 18:16:33 -0500 Report

I don't use insulin and I eat every three hours I have bought small plates and I went through with my nutritionist since the beginning of this month I have not touch any beef i ate a lot of beef . I wrote down everything I put in my mouth because I wanted to know where I was going wrong she put me on 45grams or 3carbs

JaredLahti 2014-03-17 11:21:23 -0500 Report

Why the hating on beef? There are many cuts of beef that are as healthy as chicken or turkey. I don't understand this idea of cutting something out completely. I eat beef 3-4 times a week and have healthy cholesterol and good a1c numbers. If all you are was rib eyes and t-bones then yeah that's not good for you but sirloin and round are healthy choices.

fozy 2014-03-17 11:46:32 -0500 Report

I'm not hating on beef nor tell anybody beef is bad for you if you have good cholestrol and A1c then that works for you.Every body is different for me I have to opt out for now and I was responding to Nick question

JaredLahti 2014-03-17 13:11:59 -0500 Report

I just see a lot on this site of absolutes. That people give up some kind of food completely. Everybody should be following moderation because no matter what we all have to do this the rest of our lives. So anything we do needs to be sustainable. I realize that I am in a different situation than some people since I work out 12 to 20 hours a week. When I worked with a dietician I used a food journal and we honed what was best for me. I'm not trying to bash you but your post came across as beef is bad, which I hear way too often unfortunately.

Nick1962 2014-03-16 16:07:19 -0500 Report

Hey, welcome to the group!
Fozy below has some good advice - most of us at some point started a food log/journal when we were dx'd, not to mention a log for all our tests. Data is a wonderful thing and very useful tool.
You say you eat healthy - what are your meals like? How often do you eat? How long have you been on insulin?

justputtering 2014-03-16 18:11:06 -0500 Report

Insulin just over a year (switched up from metformin etc etc which I was on for about a year). At first was on 2000 cal diet as my weight had dropped to 87 lbs in 1 month from 120 which is how I came to be diagnosed. Took about a year to put the weight back on. Work week is 3 squares (45 - 60 carb) with 15 carb snack in am and pm. Fairly physical job - no sitting, heavy lifting, walking walking walking lol and on average between 10 to 20 flights of stairs and as much as 50 flights on a busy day. I am front counter at an automotive parts supplier. Did keep a log for about a year.

Nick1962 2014-03-17 10:00:04 -0500 Report

Well, it sure sounds like you’re on top of things. That amount of daily carbs and the body weight certainly don’t suggest it’s a food issue. What are your daily numbers like? Your A1c?

justputtering 2014-03-17 20:28:57 -0500 Report

A1c was 12.8 2 years ago at diagnosis. Now is 8.1 - lowest has been 6.2. It fluctuates. Didn't think 8.1 was too horrible when you consider the start. Would like to see it below 7 tho.

Nick1962 2014-03-18 08:52:34 -0500 Report

12-8 is a great drop, but yes, I think most doctors would like you consistently below 7 (mine says 6) and fluctuation is fine, but not by a whole point.

In your case I think it’s smart that you’ve found a different care team. An endocrinologist might be of benefit too if you can get a referral. For some doctors, diabetic management just isn’t one of their primary strengths. Unless you’re way, way miscalculating what you’re putting in your mouth carb and sugar wise, there’s definitely something else going on which may not be within your grasp to handle, but may be a simple vitamin or mineral deficiency. And of course women have their own little metabolic quirks also.

Don’t forget to look at any drugs, supplements and such, because many have carbs you aren’t aware of – I had fish oil that was nearly 35 carbs per capsule.

justputtering 2014-03-18 09:22:08 -0500 Report

Thanks - just went and checked - one product is a soft gel calcium - printed label and will take to my apt Thursday with care team

Nick1962 2014-03-18 09:50:33 -0500 Report

Yup, the soft gels are what did it for me. the carbs were in the gel itself. Manufacturer hadn't even considered this to be high. Some manufacturerers don't list it because technically it isn't "food".
I found close to 65 hidden carbs in the meds I was taking (some just off and on) and it really drove me nuts trying to figure out the spikes.

Glucerna 2014-03-16 18:27:30 -0500 Report

It sounds like you've made many important changes so far. Perhaps tackle one thing at a time. Pick one time of day that you want to improve, and work with your doctor to change up insulin or food choices. Often breaking it down into small steps helps us start getting the results we want. ~Lynn @Glucerna

fozy 2014-03-16 09:19:30 -0500 Report

Speak to ur a Endo and and ur nutritionist, journal ur meals they might find out where ur going wrong