More caution on Metformin

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I needed some CAT scans with contrast solution after injuries suffered when battered by some foster children. After having my dislocations examined by the CAT scan with contrast and being discharged, I started feeling terribly ill. After returning to the ER it was determined with blood work that the contrast solution + Metformin had impaired my kidney function. Despite my carrying around a list of medicines in my wallet, this happened to me on two occasions in the ER so I am wondering if this is an interaction that some in the medical community are not fully aware of.
It is possible to temporarily discontinue your Metformin prior to CAT Scans if they are scheduled in advance but this does not help if you are receiving emergency treatment.

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jigsaw 2014-03-15 08:29:33 -0500 Report

Good advice, and information! To my knowledge, it is absolutely necessary to temporarily stop taking Metformin before having a CAT scan with contrast! I was told this by my doctors and the technician that did my C-scan with contrast on two occasions. That was a few years ago, and they also checked my kidney function before each scan.

This is an excellent warning, to be heeded by by all!