Diabetic or prediabetic?

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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 years old confirmed with blood test and ultrasound. At the time my OBGYN had said typically her patients with PCOS were overweight however I was actually underweight at the time. I have always maintained a BMI of 18.5 or under. I am very athletic and have exercised my entire life. Currently I am 5'6 and 110lbs. My husband is type 1 and I have always randomly checked my blood sugar because he has tons of testers around and I was warned of insulin resistance being an issue with PCOS. I have always tested in the 70-90s range no matter what time of day or how recently I had eaten. Until now, the past two weeks my sugar has been very high (for me). Just this morning (a fasting glucose) I tested at 153! The highest I have tested is 158. The lowest I have had was 119 (fasting) 4 days ago but that was after a whole day I ate less than 15g of carbs as an experiment to see if I could get it lower. So, what do I do? How likely is it I'm actually diabetic? I have just always had the impression diet and exercise would prevent me from any issues and I feel like right now I eat extremely clean and healthy and am exercising daily.

I have been complaining for the past 3 months of feeling just EXHAUSTED and drained and not being the "morning person" I used to be. That's actually what made me decide to randomly check my blood sugar in the first place. Is this all connected? I feel silly going to a doctor for such low numbers, remember my husband is type 1 so I have seen the worst of diabetes. Could a 153 in the morning really cause me to feel so drained and cranky??

Sorry for the rant and thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

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