White Cotton Gloves And Vaseline For Hands

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This time of year is bad enough but it seems that diabetes does affect our skin a little harder, and leaves it itchy, flakey and dry. I buy two packs of white cotton drugs at the drug store, sometimes by the playtex gloves, and I soak my skin with regular vaseline salve, every night, and it works wonders. It makes them soft and stops the dryness and itch. And when it comes back,if, I do it for a night or two. And you can do this on your legs with the diabetic stretch socks as well. That is a particulary dry spot this time of year. I also use dry skin shampoo in the winter, and that helps with the scalp itch. I limit hairdryer/curling iron use. The heat just dries your scalp more.

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Lady V - 28604
Lady V - 28604 2009-01-05 21:00:21 -0600 Report

i know this may sound strange but if you purchase some white crisco and rub on your feet and hands sleep with white socks on them this helps keep the moisture in the skin, coming from cold weather believe me this works