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Well I am on this pills to help me get the diabetes under control and I ate this morning and took my blood sugar three hours later and it is 157 that's not good at all I need help

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Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-03-13 23:52:21 -0500 Report

Give it time, my doctor told me Metformin takes time to build up in your system. When I was first diagnosed my blood sugar was so high it wouldn't register a number just a warning. I was put on Metformin also. I took a while to build up but now my level are controlled with the meds.

jayabee52 2014-03-13 20:42:35 -0500 Report

Howdy Kris,

at 3 hrs after eating 157 is really not terrible, but your Blood glucose (BG) could be better.

It would be more informative if the BG were done 2 hrs after you stop eating. (I understand that sometimes a person forgets to do it after 2 hrs, as I have done also).

What I have found useful in managing my T2D is what I eat (and avoid eating). Some folks think that if they are on a pill (Met in your case) it will take care of their BG levels for them. Those who are on insulin seem to have a similar mindset.

(BTW I was on Met for between '95 and 11/'06 and on NPH insulin from then until 02/'11 when I discovered I could manage my T2D without medication but I had a similar mindset when I was on both med & insulin).

The best way to manage one's BG levels is to avoid the higher carb foods.

You wrote below you ate a " somekind of potato broccoli cheese thing and a slim gym" Not too bad, but if you could have avoided the basically empty starchy carbs of the potato (yeah I know it has a lot of potassium), and just had the broccoli cheese part of it, your BG numbers could have been much better.

I told you I have discovered I could manage my T2D without the use of diabetes meds of any kind, (while I am not suggesting you go off your Met right now) If you follow a meal plan similar to mine here ~ , you may eventually be able to have your Dr discontinue your Met.

God's best to you
James Baker

krisiem 2014-03-13 14:46:23 -0500 Report

Yes just got to pay

byrun 2014-03-13 15:14:57 -0500 Report

I did go to see both but felt like I did not get as much information from the Diabetes educator as I could have. But I didn't know which questions to ask and I had read as much as I could about diabetes before that appointment so, I can't really fault her on that. I believe that I have learned more here, on this site. Our members have helped me to be a better advocate for my health. I think that I ask my doctor more informed/better questions than I would otherwise and this info comes from people that are living this lifestyle.

krisiem 2014-03-13 14:07:33 -0500 Report

The diabetes

byrun 2014-03-13 14:36:17 -0500 Report

If that can happen for you it would be wonderful. I think you may be in the same boat as most of us T2's though. With diligent attention to diet and exercise you could get enough control to be without the meds for a long time. Hopefully it will not progress to the point where we have to be insulin dependent. I suggest that you begin a food log/diary recording what you eat, portion size, carb count, time of day and how each of those things affect your BG #'s. It will require many test strips for a while 'til you figure out which foods to eliminate or severely restrict from your diet.

byrun 2014-03-13 14:02:24 -0500 Report

Your BG #'s may have been a bit high @ the hospital. I also take the 500mg Met. My doc started me on 2/day but eased me into it with only 1/day for the first week then increased the dose to 2/day. Do you know what your BG #'s were before you ate?

krisiem 2014-03-13 13:49:58 -0500 Report

Oh ok and no I just want to the Hospital and they did blood work and no I take it two times a day and it is 500mgs

byrun 2014-03-13 13:46:46 -0500 Report

Hopefully your doctor is easing you into using Metformin. There can be some uncomfortable side effects 'til your body adjusts to the meds. Has your doc done an A1C test on you yet? If so, do you know what those #'s are? If the meal you just had was prepackaged there should be a nutritional info panel on the back or side, that would list the total carbs.

byrun 2014-03-13 13:33:50 -0500 Report

Did you just begin with the pills? How many carbs were in the potato broc cheese thing?

IronOre 2014-03-13 12:37:47 -0500 Report

157 is not ideal, but it is nothing to loose sleep over.
Don't worry about it and give your doctor a call.

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