My digestive system is just wrong!

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Ok guys im sorry but i need to know if anyone else has the same issues i do… i suffer from terrible wind and diarrhea and very noisy bowel and have done since last February. I only used to eat after 5pm because of the embarrassment of needing to go urgently. Ive changed my eating times and i eat a breakfast lunch and dinner. Ive tried different medications from my doctor but nothing has helped yet. Has anyone else suffered like this?

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GabbyPA 2014-03-13 19:11:50 -0500 Report

This has been going on from before your diabetes diagnosis? There are many things that it could be. IBS or Chrones are starters. It could be also a reaction or allergy to something you are eating. Celiac is from having an issue with gluten. Your diet could be a way to help curb it some. What does your doctor say?

Gabby Gail
Gabby Gail 2014-03-14 08:14:44 -0500 Report

Family history. Get sugar down. I'm just getting started. I need input what to to help me n my mother to get control of it. Want to know what to do ?

GabbyPA 2014-03-16 11:09:17 -0500 Report

When I first started I ate things alone and tested to see what they did to my levels. It helped me see red flags of foods that might spike me. So I did test a lot and experimented with food pairings to help prevent spikes. I suppose you want to also find foods that are less trouble on your gastric system as well when you do that. I wrote everything down so I could look at my notes, see patterns and make better decisions.

jigsaw 2014-03-13 19:00:21 -0500 Report

Another possibility, it could be medication induced. Metformin is infamous for that effect as an example!

Type1Lou 2014-03-13 17:42:05 -0500 Report

Are you eating a lot of sugar-free products? Read the ingredient labels for sugar alcohols (e.g. maltitol…most ingredients ending in "ol" are sugar-alcohols.) The sugar-alcohols in many sugar-free products can have that effect as I and the people around me found out in my early years with diabetes (late 1970's). When I stopped eating those, my problem went away…it was an easy fix. Hoping your solution is as easy.

Nick1962 2014-03-13 12:24:04 -0500 Report

Yes, my wife does, but for her it’s a documented case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
You say your doctor has medicated you for it – what is he/she calling it?
In my wife’s case, one of her issues was that she was just eating without any type of routine or structured diet. Once she (we) discovered the things she could tolerate (and this was just as challenging as finding out what me as a diabetic could eat) and got into a steady, balanced pattern, things calmed down considerably. She can’t be eating a huge salad one day, then nothing but soup the next. She was pretty much pushing her 54-year-old digestive system to limits it just couldn’t handle anymore.
Just my 2 cents (not a medical opinion) – might be totally something different for you.

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