Do You Ware Diabetic Socks?

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Where do you buy them?
And how much do they cost?
Thank You! Cara

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felixthecat79 2011-12-09 10:39:56 -0600 Report

There are several types of diabetic socks. The walmart brand are inexpensive and that's the only good thing about those socks. If you want a good quality diabetic sock that will last you, you can try the Jobst Sensifoot. has them at the best price online. I use a coupon code at check out for 5%off… type in: shouldofwornthesocks at check out.

Turtle 2012-01-31 15:26:21 -0600 Report

I am picking up my new diabetic shoes next week. I am excited. New shoes are always fun. They have some diabetic socks that are made with cashmere. They are so soft! They have bright designs on them so I am getting them too.

Nana Jones
Nana Jones 2009-10-14 13:13:32 -0500 Report

After all this great info on Diabetic Socks I am off to Walmart. Also when asked by my family what do I need for Christmas, I know what to tell them and where to find them.

Dixiebtch 2009-10-12 22:39:01 -0500 Report

Diabetic socks are a must for healthy feet. I have found great prices on ebay. These socks are sewed differently than regular socks. They don't have seams across the toes, they keep your feet dryer, and the top seam (the part that holds them up) doesn't bind your ankle and helps with swelling.
Everyone with diabetes should see a podiatrist for guidance on caring for their feet.

Turtle 2009-10-12 00:13:26 -0500 Report

I have looked at these socks so many times but I cannot afford them. Having the dr write an rx is a great idea and now I have coupons too. I do not know if coupons help or not but the rx should.

I wou;ld love to have them. My feet are a mess right now.


Becky85 2009-02-07 12:12:29 -0600 Report

I have not tried these socks, yet, though I have seen them. I didn't know what they were for. I do wear bamboo socks. They are quite comfortable and are antibacterial and anti fungal. They keep your feet very dry.

Goddess 2009-02-07 12:19:18 -0600 Report

I have never heard of bamboo socks. Where do you get them and how much are they?

Becky85 2009-02-08 01:30:40 -0600 Report

I get my bamboo socks at Avenue, a plus-sized women's store. They cost around $6, but are often cheaper if you get a couple of pairs. There are also online websites where they run around $10. You can get other clothes made from bamboo as well, though I have never tried them. The socks are quite soft and comfy, but do have a toe seam, so they might not be perfect for those who need diabetic socks.
Bamboo pulp is spun into very soft fibers, some say it works like cashmere. Some benefits are that they protect against moisture, bacteria, fungus and UV light. (This is probably more useful in outerwear.) One of the other benefits is that bamboo grows very quickly and is a good replenishable plant.
My feet are much happier now, but I may get some of the diabetic socks, too.

junior dudley
junior dudley 2009-02-07 11:30:31 -0600 Report

I am having a problem with this 'puter'.
It seems to know more about what I am thinking before I do. My diabetic socks comes from the same place I get my diabetic supplies. My Medicare takes care of most of the cost. They also supply me with a pair of diabetic shoes a year. I usually get 6 pair of socks at the time,usually white, sometines grey, lengths vary. They do not cord your legs, nor seams in the toe or heal area. They absorb the moisture, so feet don't sweat. My Dr. does not recommend me to wear sandels or open shoes. I have no sores or open wounds.

junior dudley
junior dudley 2009-02-07 11:11:17 -0600 Report

Yes, I am a diabetic for 30 + years. I type 2 diabetes, take 3 shots a day, & 2 metform tablets twice daily.
I have a pacemaker & defibrillator, several stents, and a stroke. I wear diabetic socks. I get them from my medical supply distribotor, the one I get my diabetic shoes from. Thank God, I have good use of my fingers and toes. I am able to care for my self. My wife is my health care taker. She took the diabetic training for my low fat, no salt, low carb, suger-less diet. Together, we have loss over 100 lb. of weight, by both going on the diabetic diet. Our health is very important. Take care, & God bless.

dj7110 2009-01-21 13:16:15 -0600 Report

I only wear diabetic socks. usually get them at walmart and as gifts every yr for Christmas (thanks Mom). My insurance doesn't cover them but does cover my shoes as well as inserts which does run pretty expensive. My insurance also covered the tool I have to use to put my socks on.

dyanne 2009-01-06 00:30:54 -0600 Report

Its funny that you should mention socks. I just bought 2 pair of diabetic socks at wal mart for 6 dollars !! They were the short ones like you would wear with sneakers. They are supossed to keep your feet dry… I have not tried them yet.
Hope this helps.

cherryman 2009-01-06 05:26:35 -0600 Report

I most definitely wear them. They are a god sent to me. Regular socks caused me so much pain. But when I bought my first pair i was skeptical. I hate socks that slide down your leg. I wore it one day. Put in in the wash that nigh. Next day they got cleaned. Put them on the day after still just as good as ever. That night I went out bought 6 pairs at my local drugstore for 3.00 a piece and have never worn anything but them ever since! The pain in my thighs is now nonexistant!


jaclyncrystal 2009-01-05 23:33:17 -0600 Report

I do not wear the socks must wear compression stocking and they run 99dollars a pair, my medical will pay for one pair a year. They are a little like socks in that they do not have seams to rub your feet, they are hateful and I despise them, but hey who wants another DVT so I am stuck with them, I wear my regular crocks sandals when I do not have the stocking on, love those crocks, and yes even in this cold weather. cheers all jackie

Avera 2009-01-05 23:10:13 -0600 Report

I wear them, but not all the time. By accident, I found that most "sock booths" at flea markets have them. The prices there are so much cheaper and they always carry black which is my favorite since it matches everything. lol
The last I bought there came 3 to a package and the cost was $4.00 for all 3 pairs.

2009-01-05 18:41:53 -0600 Report

I have some but I don't like them (or socks in general.) I bought mine from EBay for a few dollars. Look for free shipping though, or the shipping costs are more than the socks. The reason I don't like mine is they won't stay up. I'm constantly pulling at them. They wind up in the floor every time! LOL, good luck, maybe they will help you. Angie

Anonymous 2009-01-05 17:27:56 -0600 Report

They are also at Wal Mart for very little, they have black and white. I do not wear them, I wear my diabetic crocs summer and winter.

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-05 18:25:35 -0600 Report

i didn't know they had diabetic crocks! and what do these special footgear do for you?

fun2u2007 2009-01-05 18:35:28 -0600 Report

This is what it says at the Crocs website:

crocs™ rx cloud silver- the same benefits as the cloud, plus silver. infused with silver particles, this shoe creates an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal environment for the foot

* APMA approved and carries the United States ergonomics endorsement
* anti-microbial, anti-fungal and odor resistant
* roomy forefoot, no pressure points
* specifically designed to protect the heel
* smooth inner sole protects tender skin
* toe cap protects against stubbing and bruising
* accommodates an orthotic

I want to order some of these myself.

Anonymous 2009-01-06 10:24:18 -0600 Report

I love mine, that is the only shoe I wear. In winter wear them with socks, in summer do not. I also around the house wear memory foam slippers from Avon.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-01-05 16:52:35 -0600 Report

I wear compression socks. I think they are radically different from diabetic stockings because they cost $70.00 per pair and they have to be prescribed by your doctor. I get mine from the medical supply company. The purpose of this type of sock is to compress your calf so it doesn't swell when on your feet for long periods of time or whenever swelling of your lower leg is a problem. It has an open toe and is quite difficult to get on. It looks like a thick nylon stocking and can get a run in it like a woman's nylon stocking.

kevin milton
kevin milton 2009-01-05 16:32:40 -0600 Report

I'm kind of new to this diabetic sock? why exactly do you wear them and should I be wearing them.

fun2u2007 2009-01-05 16:41:25 -0600 Report

I'm not sure that I am at the point where I "need" to wear them, but I just like to wear them because they are so comfy. There is no irritating seam at the toes and no tight elastic at the top to squeaze your legs. Lisa

Sparrow - 16557
Sparrow - 16557 2009-01-05 16:20:18 -0600 Report

Walgreens has them at a very reasonable price.

Actually, I've worn flip-flops for the past 6 months… no socks.

fun2u2007 2009-01-05 16:25:24 -0600 Report

I get mine at Walgreens for about 4 dollars a pair. I wear them around the house and I love them. Very comfy.

Goddess 2009-01-05 15:40:48 -0600 Report

I buy mine at the same place I get my shoes. It is called Shoe Stop. I pay $8.99 a pair. They are worth it.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-01-05 15:59:26 -0600 Report

I have my MD write a perscrition for mine and got mine at the hospital in central supply. But I don't know if all insurace cover them, but mine does…Debe

2009-01-05 16:11:38 -0600 Report

I have gotten my moms' with a prescription from medical supply store and they were about 8.99 also, but ins. covers up to (I think) 3 or 4 pairs a year. Good question, Cara. First time I have seen this, and is very helpful to others'. You can buy them in drugstores with all the braces and things. Even in walmart, and they are a little cheaper, if I remember right. Claudia

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