rough patches with moods and diabetes

By RainSoul Latest Reply 2014-03-14 11:53:25 -0500
Started 2014-03-11 21:53:23 -0500

Today I'm having a bad day.. My blood sugars are running GREAT but my mood is all over the place.

A few months back I was not on any diabetes meds and having repeating staph infections that had to be drained and checked and that combined with the pain- there were days I called in sick to work.

I work at a call center where they monitor every minute you ARE and ARE NOT on the phone. So to make a long story short, I am having to jump through all these hoops to get FMLA approved for my absences and all the while I truely feel like I'm being discriminated against at work.

That and even tho I have been making fantastic progress with my medications and making dietary changes- its all resulted in me gaining 2 pounds and now I feel sick ALL THE TIME.

I feel sick when I'm hyper, I feel sick when I'm hypo. Sometimes I have all the signs of hyper/hypo and my blood sugar with be something stupid like 120. For 3 weeks I had muscle fatigue and every movement I made was nauseating and almost impossible.

Atleast when I wasn't on meds I only felt sick when I was hypo.

On my way home tonight I had every intention of just not taking my meds and eating stuff I wanted to eat. But then I decided to check my blood sugar because I figured it would be high…

And it was 135. Which is low for me. And considering my last a1c was an 11.4 and NOW my own random check resulted in a 135?.. I took my meds, and decided to vent on here instead. No chocolate for me.

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Grandmama16 2014-03-13 03:12:11 -0500 Report

My picture is of me yelling at myself done by grandson. It's how I feel tho. Moods go up and down. I already take Cymbalta and many other meds. I think Nuerontin is making me super sleepy in the AM even so have cut down and now hands are more numb with shooting pain at times. I have Carpal Tunnel so not quite sure what's happening. I wonder if how you feel, Rain, is from meds. I don't think I'll ever feel good. If it isn't fibromyalgia, it's diabetes or a med.? I never have a low BG but way in the past diabetes highs and lows could've accounted for strange symptoms before I ever knew I had it, like feeling claustrophobic. Had depression even as a child, but wasn't recognized. Can so much be from diabetes. It seems like a lot can be from the thyroid too. I have a nodule on mine but tests come out ok. It's been a long time since I felt good or even normal…being pregnant was the best. Yep…I'm the crazy lady pushing 70.

Jan8 2014-03-14 11:53:25 -0500 Report

Neurontin made me space out. The doc replaced it with Lyrica and Cymbalta. Moods are steady now and I have no pain from neuropathy. Lots of times people with depression also have diabetes.

mzbehaven 2014-03-12 05:15:43 -0500 Report

I know how u feel. I am going through the same thing. I feel nausea and feel hypo, but my sugar is 160s or so. I am learning that my body THINKS I'm low cuz I have been averaging 370+ for so long going untreated. I am learning to drink water and work through the hypo feelings, which sucks! My last HGBa1c was 11.4 also just last week when I was admitted to the ICU with DKA! I'm frustrated and feel weak still too, so I feel ya! We can do this! Just gotta get out bodies back in check! Good Luck!

At this point, I'm glad I'm not dead or in ICU! Going back to work for the first time today! Nervous!

jayabee52 2014-03-11 22:15:34 -0500 Report

Vent away Rainsoul, vent away.

If you can't do it among those of us who have the same disease where cah you? (rhetorical question)

I pray you can get yourself squared away and start feeling better.


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