all i want is sweets!

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can't hardly eat , i start and can't finish! all i desire is something sweet. i can't taste anything but sweet, everything else is tasteless. has anybody else experienced this?

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Sparrow - 16557 2009-01-05 19:59:31 -0600 Report

If it's sweets you crave, I would try to stick to sugar free. The sugar free hard candies are usually the least to contain anything that might affect your BG. You can eat pretty much all you want. Just watch out for ingrediants like "manitol" and "sorbitol". They can add carbs.

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I have two things I can always eat. If you're craving sweets, peanut butter mixed with non-sweetened cool whip (mix with hand mixer) and graham crackers. The cool whip takes away the bite of the peanut butter and gives me energy. I can also always eat cottage cheese with any kind of natural fruit. Get well hun, not sure of all the foods you should eat, but I do know these help me. Take care of yourself, Angie

Anonymous 2009-01-05 14:10:48 -0600 Report

Have you tried the sugar free treats like the puddings and jello. I cannot tell the difference. Also, I allow myself 2 squares of dark chocolate a week. Have you tried doing a hobby or exercising? You have to get your mind off the food. Find a snack that you really like that is low carb? Are you in control of your blood sugars? When I ran high it was a struggle. But I found so many snacks that I enjoyed and an ate them all the time. One week I ate the same thing everyday. I also fill up on veggies and salads. I sometimes have them for breakfast. Let me know if you want a list of my snacks.

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-05 14:14:23 -0600 Report

yes please! i am out of control! i have been on an emotional roller coaster for nearly four years! i am just worned out!

Anonymous 2009-01-05 14:26:48 -0600 Report

Ok I will post them here maybe it will help others.
The sugarfree pudding I like the best is the Dulce de leche. It tastes like caramel.
I love the Laughing Cow cheese( a soft spreadable cheese in wedges) I have 1 wedge(35 calories) with 7 Triscuits.
I have a small can of water packed tuna with lemon pepper and 7 triscuits.
A small apple with 1 string cheese
!/2 peanut butter sandwich on rye or pumpernicle bread.
Soup in hand soup. I like the creamy chicken.
V8 juice
Carrots with low fat ranch dressing
Raw veggies with humuus

For me what works I eat 3-4 snacks a day and 1 meal. Usually at night. But any of the ones I mentioned work in keeping my levels in range and even throughout the day. And I eat any of them any time of day, even breakfast. I do hope some of this helps. Are you on meds? What does your doctor say about your high numbers.

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She has the right advice ;I buy cereal for snacks that are low in carbs and sugar and have them measured and ready, in small snack bags, same thing with pepperidge farm fish; I count out a serving and bag, triscuit, reduced-fat wheat thins, apple slices, celery or carrots, small amount of smart balance peanut butter. a cup of popped, popcorn, also using smart balance oil. I know these aren't sweet, but with a little dab of cheese, peanutbutter, cranberry,reduced-fat cream cheese you can make them tasty. And these can also be used for several small snacks instead of 3 meals, one meal like you were just told. I bought a book from that lists all the fast foods, snack foods, nutritional values. It is called; The Calorie King 2008 edition, Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter. Plus Diabetes Diet Guide and fast food chains and restaraunts; everything you need to know when eating out. From taco bell to dairy queen, 200 of the most popular places. Have a lot more books if you need some menus or recipes. Hope this is of some help to you. Claudia