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Mallacai 2015-02-28 11:01:43 -0600 Report

Good for you as you as it will benefit you holistically. I am with you as i have stopped exercising put on 3 lbs and seeing my post meal readings are a bit higher. So thanks for the encouragement will start on Monday as it's off to the beach until Sunday evening. Wishing you all a great weekend. God Bless.

msann 2014-03-13 13:09:23 -0500 Report


sherryleigh 2014-03-15 20:51:20 -0500 Report

CONGRATULATIONS Msann looks like you had a fabulous week! Let's do it again.next week, I'm game.
I walked 35 minutes today and I feel better for it too
Thanks for motivating me :)

Glucerna 2014-03-13 17:18:27 -0500 Report

Wow! You're exercising regularly, feeling more energetic, and you're having fun. What a winning combination. ~Lynn @Glucerna

sherryleigh 2014-03-15 00:48:03 -0500 Report

Great job Msann!
Today shoveled END of driveway so I could get out, took me 45 minutes. That was my exercise for today and I was exhausted

jigsaw 2014-03-12 19:15:21 -0500 Report

Walking is great, for your body, your mind, in summation, your total health! Go for it msann!!!

Pastor Naomi
Pastor Naomi 2014-03-12 13:48:27 -0500 Report

Hey, msann, Looks like you are off to a great start. I so envy you. Wish I could get around better but my spine is totally degenerative, and mostly fused with screws and rods and titanium cages. Can't do airports or jails or courtrooms. Set off everything. Don't forget that along with watching your carbs, testing and medicating, you can get a better handle on what's good for you to eat by getting hold of the glycemic index of a lot of foods. For instance apples have a better GI than cake. but you can fine tune better when you look for foods with lower glycemic index. They are safer to eat and snack on. When all is said and done I still don't always know what made my blood sugar rise this time, when I ate the same thing 10 days ago and my sugar stayed low. I told my doctor how come I can eat the same meal on a different day and time than the last time I chose that meal, and my blood sugar comes out different each time. Clueless! and it seems like there is no answer to that one, unless Glucerna knows. Keep walking. Spring is just around the corner, and you can watch the earth wake up and the birds and animals return to there habitats. Have fun.

Pastor Naomi
Pastor Naomi 2014-03-11 14:05:51 -0500 Report

That's a more positive sound that I hear in your message! Wish I could join you with the walking. My husband and I used to walk around our community hand in hand of an evening, stop and wave or chat with church members on their porches. By the time I got thru all my surgeries, I am no longer able to walk any distance at all. We went away to care for our youngest granddaughter while her parents were away doing separate ministry events, so I was glad to catch your note now that I am back on the Internet. Now I go around the block with him and his guide dog on my mobility scooter. Not much exercise there, only a push of the accelerator of the scooter. But we are so blessed to still have each other in our senior years, our 5 adult and 5 in-law children, our 14 grandchildren, and our new little great grandson about to be born. Just praying that my granddaughter does well in delivery and the baby is good and healthy. Hopefully your husband will start to come around to better care of his diabetes. Nice to have on-line friends to chat with about diabetic issues. Medicare just bought me a new pair of diabetic shoes. Life is good right!?

Sugarlessfinally 2014-03-11 03:12:07 -0500 Report

I hope you are feeling better. look at y picture im all blown up frown steroids that should give you a laugh, I will check with you in a bit, Debbie

Gripper907 2014-03-10 11:03:42 -0500 Report

Hello msann—- Wish you well and keep it up. We are all trying to beat this disease by doing the right things. Now watch your diet as well and the results will be pleasant.

tabby9146 2014-03-10 07:43:22 -0500 Report

Yes you ARE going to have a better week!! Keep up the exercise. i am getting ready to do that now myself, start with yoga and if I don't have time for any other kind this morning, then late this afternoon I will do some cardio.

Michael_1960 2014-03-09 21:20:17 -0500 Report

I have gotten off my insulin, and my metformin, but when I got sick with the flu, I wasn't thinking and bought some BI-LO brand the Top Care Nyquil, and it shot my blood sugar levels high, so my doctor put me back on the metformin, so I got my B/S levels back to normal, and I too plan to get a lot of walking, which I walk a lot on my job anyway but not the kind I need to do. I need to walk steady for about at least 30 min. a day.

Gripper907 2014-03-10 11:10:22 -0500 Report

Well done Mike. Your effort is very encouraging and inspires some of us to try even harder. I have lost 20lbs and exercise at least 4 days a week. My A1C is at 5.3 at the last test. My doctor has lowered my metformin intake to half the original dosage. I want to drop that to none in the next 3 months. Yes those cold medicines can raise you glucose so be careful what you take. You are my hero!

judy james
judy james 2014-03-09 21:41:17 -0500 Report

Getting off insulin is a big accomplish and I commend you for that. I also walk a lot on my job but not enough to get my heart rate up. Now when i walk the dogs we jog so that at least part of the time my heart rate is elevated. Now if i can just get the food under control

Michael_1960 2014-03-09 22:10:04 -0500 Report

Yes the key to that is just watch out for the bad carbs and sugars, but trying to figure out the difference between the bad carbs and the good ones is my problem, I mean I know what the bad ones are just not sure of the good ones.

Michael_1960 2014-03-09 21:09:36 -0500 Report

Yes msann, that is the key to good health, is getting plenty exercise, and walking. I wish you the best of luck, and may God bless you on your journey to good health!

camerashy 2014-03-09 18:27:54 -0500 Report

I'm going to bump up mine, too. Walk the dogs one at a time instead of all 3 together - which was super-exercise to start with. 3 German Shepards all wanting to go in different directions! :-()

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-03-10 00:10:33 -0500 Report

I understand completely. I have an Australian Shepard. He is 1 and 1/2 years old and 66 lbs. A big bundle of energy that also wants to go his own way. He never gets to far away though, he thinks he has to take care of me. We do have a place we can take him and let him run as much as he wants to. But the weather has brought that to a screeching halt. It looks like the weather is going to get better so we can take him again, he loves it so much and we need the exercise walking while he runs.

Michael_1960 2014-03-09 21:11:49 -0500 Report

Hahaha, I have one dog that goes in different directions. My other one is just a puppy so he's ok when I walk him.

horvy 2014-03-09 17:23:25 -0500 Report

My sister lost her 16 year old son 4 days before Christmas last year and I have neuropathy But today we worked in her yard and fixed her drier, and all her sprinkler heads. I feel great in two ways . MY sister is coming back , from her loss. and I feel great after the vigorous workout. exercise is the answer to diabetics. Try your hardest and it will get better, msann congrads

kboard306 2014-03-09 16:10:27 -0500 Report

What an awesome attitude you have. My blood sugar and a1c were both high a couple of weeks ago when I went to the doctor. Blood sugar has come down a bit, but I need to start walking again.

Glucerna 2014-03-09 16:52:57 -0500 Report

Walking has so many benefits: improves insulin resistance, lowers blood sguar levels, helps control appetite, burns calories, and reduces stress. I've started going for a walk after dinner whenever possible. ~Lynn @Glucerna

33suz 2014-03-09 14:38:53 -0500 Report

Sure, if the weather here in northern Illinois holds (come on Spring) I'll have a good week with you!! \U+128515

MamaSpook 2014-03-09 14:12:15 -0500 Report

awesome! Way to go msann! Count your blessings with each step! Some of us can no longer walk or exercise without pain because of other health problems so you go girl! I will be there in spirit! Enjoy what you see and hear and don't pass up the opportunity to stop and take it all in! You only get one chance at this thing called life so enjoy!

judy james
judy james 2014-03-09 14:06:30 -0500 Report

Good for you, its nice to know that people are caring about each other. I walk my dogs almost every day but its like walk, pee, poop. ha. I have been a diabetic for some 10 years and a registered nurse. My doctor suggested no more then 60 carbs per meal. I was amazed how many carbs a banana had.. something like 69. yikes. So i have been rethinking my meals. I think having diabetes is a constant adjustment. Keep up the exercise and let me know how you do.

camerashy 2014-03-09 18:31:36 -0500 Report

It turns out that 60 carbs per meal is about double what I'm supposed to have. Have you ever tried to keep it below 30? That leaves out almost everything, or REALLY small portions.

judy james
judy james 2014-03-09 20:26:43 -0500 Report

I can not image below 30 carbs per meal. I am having a hard time with 60. Found out that bananas are like 68 carbs per bananas. yikes.

Sly Kitty
Sly Kitty 2014-03-16 09:19:54 -0500 Report

That is why it is better to eat a small apple than a banana because the apple has water content and there is fiber in the skin. Good Luck

Sly Kitty
Sly Kitty 2014-03-16 09:18:25 -0500 Report

That is why a small apple is better than a banana because of the water content in an apple as well as the fiber in the skin. It is all in the choices we make. Good Luck.

Michael_1960 2014-03-09 21:15:10 -0500 Report

I was going through different yogurts this weekend and found a lot of them with very high carbs and sugars, the only ones I found was the Harris Teeter brand sugar free, with a lot less carbs and sugars.

camerashy 2014-03-10 09:21:54 -0500 Report

Kroger yogurts have the least fats and sugars than any of the national brands, but don't taste as good. You get used to it, though. 26 carbs per carton. That's lunch.

camerashy 2014-03-09 20:37:47 -0500 Report

That's probably why banana was one of the things I was instructed not to eat. At all. I sure do miss banana pudding!

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