Sliding scales and slippery slopes... Apidra and Lantus Insulin

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I had surgery for a ruptured appendix after having major surgery for a bougainvillea thorn in the bone in my infected leg. After the two sets of surgery I was unable to lift, walk, drive and do many everyday activities. This caused my weight to balloon up almost 70 pounds. During my "convalescence" I became a full time 24/7 caregiver to my 95 year old uncle and as he declined he made it more and more impossible to get exercise out of the house. Uncle Leo recently passed away so now I need to exert myself and get back on track after these setbacks. I find sometimes adjusting my sliding scale for insulin injections is difficult and I develop hypoglycemia most days. Besides my gardening and taking care of 7 animals, anyone have any suggestions on how to safely get back into the swing of things. Today I was almost too weak and too confused to drive home after doing errands and going to the plant nursery.

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Your generosity, and care for others is impressive! I wish I had more to offer, but I suspect that you will be your own excellent guide.

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