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I am a big advocate for a high fiber diet and credit that with getting me off statins for my cholesterol. to that end …
my daily breakfast (every morning for the past year) consists of:
1/2 cup dry 'old fashion' oatmeal
3 dried plums
3 dried apricot halves
1 tbsp. cinnamon
2 tbsp. Amber Agave
if you add the carbs that comes to almost 100 total carbohydrates.
using today as an example my morning fasting bgl was 100 (a little higher than normal) 2 hours after eating my bgl was 117. this is representative of the breakfast 'spike' 10-20.
Am I potentially doing harm by eating all those carbs or is it okay as long as my bgl's stay in a 'safe' range?
(I am T2)

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Ni1 2014-03-08 17:00:00 -0600 Report

I didn't see it mentioned in the replies I read … I noticed on your 100-g carb breakfast ingredients list you had 1 tablespoon of cinnamon listed. Cinnamon is known to lower the absorption of carbohydrate … but I think 1 Tbsp. is an awful lot to take.
I take cinnamon with my oatmeal and limit it to ½ teaspoon. …. Maybe I'll try your recipe.

haoleboy 2014-03-08 17:33:28 -0600 Report

I added cinnamon because I like the flavor … I read that it might help with bgl and increased it. not sure it helps, but positive it tastes good and doesn't hurt

Ni1 2014-03-08 17:38:32 -0600 Report

I read that too much cinnamon is not good for folks taking coumadin, because it has an element of blood thinning in it also. Haven't seen anything on the topmost limits for it. I think one study said you needed to get about what you are taking for a period of several months for blood sugar lowering affects.

haoleboy 2014-03-08 17:48:27 -0600 Report

as a stroke survivor the blood thinning wouldn't hurt.
been doing this for a little over a year


Nick1962 2014-03-08 15:51:38 -0600 Report

I don’t think carb consumption is the damaging factor if you’re active, at a decent weight and seem to metabolize them well. You can live on bread and bologna and still maintain a decent A1c if you do it right. If you can manage 100 carbs and that concentrated sugar in one meal with those numbers, I’d say you’re functioning pretty well, or the medication is. My question would be do you want off the medication – because the medication may be the only way you can continue to eat that.

That one meal is nearly my whole daily carb allowance. In addition, I simply don’t do enough most days to warrant or burn those carbs before lunch, but then, I have a weight problem and chained to a desk. Sounds like a good reason to do some experimenting to me.

haoleboy 2014-03-08 16:27:49 -0600 Report

my goal is to get off the metformin (500 mg 2x daily) at 6' and 160 I am actually trying to put on a few lbs. my carb consumption the rest of the day is minimal (no more than 25 at lunch and dinner) my snacks consist of raw almonds or walnuts. I am prepared to alter my diet if it means getting off another med.

Nick1962 2014-03-08 18:14:59 -0600 Report

Yeah, doesn’t seem like carbs are your enemy here from a metabolism standpoint, and while I’m no doctor, those numbers seem to be where you might consider talking to your doc about dumping or reducing the Met. just for a few months to see. With morning numbers in the 80’s, it sounds like you’ve got some decent control, and my understanding of Met (which may be wrong) is that it keeps levels in control, but doesn’t lower already low levels. The Met might not be doing it, you might, and the Met may not be having any effect at all. If you see a doc quarterly like I was, there seems to be some wiggle room to experiment. Might also consider having that meal every other day and see what that does. Nice work in any case!

haoleboy 2014-03-08 19:19:38 -0600 Report

I am seeing my PCP monthly (other issues keep me going back). I am scheduled for an appointment in two weeks. I will broach the subject of stopping the met.

Shawn Grant
Shawn Grant 2014-03-08 11:04:16 -0600 Report

What is your blood sugar an hour after you eat it? Last night I had Chinese, beef mushroom. I thought mushrooms and beef have no carbs so I am safe. I had no rice, I pushed the snap peas and carrots to the side. I had the beef, mushrooms, few onions, and green pepper. Should be safe. My blood sugar before eating 85. 1 hour after, 180! freak out! Not a meter malfunction. I tested 3 times with 2 different types of meters. Still in the 180 range. 2 hours later it was 95.

If I just tested 2 hours later I would have thought the meal was safe and continued to order it. The sauce must have had sugar in it. My metabolism is so fast I have to test 1 hour after instead of 2.

jigsaw 2014-03-08 15:12:27 -0600 Report

That's is the reason why I hardly ever eat out. You never know for sure, what ingredients were added. I've had my share of similar experiences.
I buy my own foods, prepare and cook my own meals. My wife loves it, and I'm pleased with my numbers.

haoleboy 2014-03-08 14:13:34 -0600 Report

good question Shawn
today's morning fasting bgl - 88
1hour after meal - 129
2 hours after meal - 101

In Chinese cooking it is common to use sugar in the sauce. traditionally beef broccoli is made using oyster sauce which does contain sugar and cornstarch

Glucerna 2014-03-08 15:17:56 -0600 Report

I added up the carbohydrate and fiber in your breakfast and got this: oatmeal 28g CHO and 4g fiber; dried plums 18g CHO and 3g fiber; dried apricots 6g CHO 1g fiber; agave 30g CHO and 2g fiber. That adds up to 82g of carbohydrate and 10g of fiber. Subtract half of the fiber from the total carbohydrate and you have 77g of carbohydrate for breakfast. Your body seems to be handling this breakfast well, most likely because of the fiber that slows down your digestion. These are also all low glycemic index foods, and many people find that keeping the GI low also helps manage blood sugar levels. ~Lynn @Glucerna

mjhorgan 2014-03-08 07:16:42 -0600 Report

Wow that a lot of carbs in one meal. That many carbs for breakfast would send me way over the edge. I don't know anything about T2D medications. As a T1D I try to have more protein and some fats in my breakfast. The fats slow the release of any carbs into my body. The protein helps to keep my BG more even as the day gets started. I found that I I go high after breakfast I will be messed up all day. I will have some Greek yogurt and chopped nuts for breakfast.

Glucerna 2014-03-07 20:12:20 -0600 Report

I added up the carbohydrate and fiber in your breakfast and got this: oatmeal 28g CHO and 4g fiber; dried plums 18g CHO and 3g fiber; dried apricots 6g CHO 1g fiber; agave 30g CHO and 2g fiber. That adds up to 82g of carbohydrate and 10g of fiber. Subtract half of the fiber from the total carbohydrate and you have 77g of carbohydrate for breakfast. Your body seems to be handling this breakfast well, most likely because of the fiber that slows down your digestion. These are also all low glycemic index foods, and many people find that keeping the GI low also helps manage blood sugar levels. ~Lynn @Glucerna

theladyiscrazy 2014-03-07 19:13:50 -0600 Report

If your body is doing well with it, then I would think it would be fine. I couldn't do that. 100 grams of carbs in one meal would shoot me high. I have to be very careful with dried fruits. However, you mentioned the foods that spike you and each of us are different. So, my spikes might be caused by something different from you. For example, I seem to be able to tolerate rice (within reason) well without huge spikes. Wheat on the other hand…

jigsaw 2014-03-07 18:28:19 -0600 Report

Your questions don't have simple answers. I'll take a wild guess! If your taking a large dose of a potent medication, to offset your rather large carb consumption at breakfast, then the answer is maybe. By forcing your pancreas to produce more insulin ( Don't know what meds tour taking) It is possible to burn out your pancreas sooner rather then later.

On the other hand, if your body can handle that many carbs in one sitting, ( and your not on a substantial dosage of medication that works on the pancreas) then I wonder if it's possible for you to get off meds and manage your diabetes with diet and exercise only.

As I said, I'm just guessing, and not trying to play doctor! But assuming your meter is accurate, that is the question that crossed my mind.

haoleboy 2014-03-07 20:14:26 -0600 Report

"You questions don't have simple answers"
the simple ones I manage to figure out all on my own. for the more complex I enlist the collective genius of this community ;) I may not always get the answer but I do always get different perspectives that help me make more informed decisions.

- Steve

haoleboy 2014-03-07 18:30:50 -0600 Report

500 mg Metformin 2x daily

jigsaw 2014-03-08 05:54:34 -0600 Report

That's less then 50% of the max dosage of Metformin prescribed by MDs. Just curious, how long have you been on medication? Have you ever been on a smaller dose or different diabetic medication? Have you ever tried to get off medication?

I know this sounds like an interrogation, but it's the only way I can even begin to guess at a reasonable answer. As I mentioned, i'm no pro, and obviously, your doctor, and an RD would be the best place to start. However, you asked, so I'll do my best to muster up all my laymens experience, and offer you my best opinion if you like.

haoleboy 2014-03-08 14:16:16 -0600 Report

I have been taking the metforminfor the past year … the dosage has not changed. I have not reviewed my last labs (5.9 a1c) with my PCP yet. we will have the discussion of getting off the metformin in two weeks.

jigsaw 2014-03-08 14:24:12 -0600 Report

I think your doing extremely well, which is why I think its a great idea to work on getting off the medication. Can't hurt to try! If you succeed, you may end up with a bit more restrictions in your diet.

GabbyPA 2014-03-07 18:01:00 -0600 Report

As long as your numbers are good, I don't see why you can't do it. If it's working for you. I would go through the roof with my numbers on that. But everyone is different and this is a good example.

jayabee52 2014-03-07 17:22:07 -0600 Report

Howdy oleboy

I suspect you have quite healthy pancreatic output if you eat such a large Bfast and only get a 2 hr postprandial of 117 I have tried eating old fashioned and even steel cut (irish) oats and I got a 50 point postprandial jump from those And dried fruits? forget it! Those would spike me big time! I am glad you got the pancreatic output to do this, but am wondering how long will you be able to continue with this?

God's best to you


haoleboy 2014-03-07 17:39:19 -0600 Report

I can't eat corn, rice (even whole grain), or potatoes as they will spike me into the 180's.

- Steve

dagger1234 2014-03-07 16:20:43 -0600 Report

Usually, that's not the case though, and it'll microwave a frozen meal but not a big enough meal to spoke my bs

dagger1234 2014-03-07 16:20:14 -0600 Report

If you ask me, that is one hell of a healthy breakfast. Now I just feel horrible…lol I normally eat two eggs and a piece of toasted wheat bread and maybe an orange or a banana!

tabby9146 2014-03-08 10:10:54 -0600 Report

I like regular scrambled eggs, and other times egg whites, and whole wheat toast with Smart Balance (which I just found out included GMOs but now they are taking them out) and a piece of fruit, that is just one type of b'fast I like.

jigsaw 2014-03-08 18:02:16 -0600 Report

I occasionally do a very similar breakfast. I'm not so sure about the Smart Balance though. I read some scary things about it. Where did you hear that they were no longer including GMOs? I use to use it also, but I switched to butter. Two dieticians, and alot of info convinced me. Check it out!

Here is only one example of many:

jigsaw 2014-03-07 17:43:58 -0600 Report

Hey dagger, I was thinking that you are very lucky! I have only one egg, 1/2 slice of wheat toast, and a strawberry! If I had a banana, I would have to strap myself into a seatbelt. My BG would shoot for the moon! Actually, I do have 3 strawberries at times.

jayabee52 2014-03-07 17:27:05 -0600 Report

Your bfast sounds sensible Dagger, until you got to the fruit. I might get by with a small clementine orange, but a banana would spike me big time!

As I told haoleboy I suspect his pancreas was producing insulin enough to cover that meal he has. He is fortunate so far but wonder how long it will continue

God's best to you

dagger1234 2014-03-07 17:29:20 -0600 Report

I try to eat a heavy breakfast but not over do it too. I take a 1000mg METFORMIN and a 10mg glipizide in the morning and 2 hours after I eat, my bs drops like crazy.

jigsaw 2014-03-07 17:58:54 -0600 Report

Metformin does not normally cause lows. Glipizide certainly can lower bg and cause lows, since it is in the class of Sulfonylureas. Glipizide causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin, hence the possibility of a bg low exists.

Just curious, what does your doctor think, concerning your lows?

I corrected my comment above, about Metformin not lowering blood glucose. That was an error!

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