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By Misspearl01 Latest Reply 2014-03-16 09:37:28 -0500
Started 2014-03-04 17:43:21 -0600

Just got my a1c back down to 5.6

Long way from 7.4

Now my new battle is to quit smoking
I battled the first one now on to the next all the while keeping first in check
I have not been on hear a lot
But plan to change that you guys are awesome
I may call on some of you for support advice and a shoulder to help me QUIT

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Sly Kitty
Sly Kitty 2014-03-16 09:37:28 -0500 Report

I became a non smoker 15 years ago after smoking 5 packs a day (yes, that is correct, 5 packs a day and even got up during the night just to smoke) for more years than that. I never intended to quit when my doctor asked if I would try if given something that has been proven to work. I took the meds and made up my mind that day to be a non smoker. Even though it was supposed to be a weaning process over a two or three week period, I stopped that day I walked out of the doctor's office. I didn't believe the weaning thing would work for me when it is my intention to stop smoking altogether. It was the most challenging thing I have ever done and even though today I would love to smoke a cigarette, I never will. It took every ounce of courage for me to be determined to overcome my desire to smoke. I say if I can do it anyone can. Be determined and don't give in and we are all here to support you in this. Best wishes and good luck. Just do it.

jigsaw 2014-03-06 17:05:01 -0600 Report

Excellent job on your A1c! I quit smoking about 25 years ago. The morbid experiences that motivated me to stop, are something I'll refrain from discussing. I hope you succeed!

tabby9146 2014-03-05 10:31:47 -0600 Report

Congrats on getting that A1C down!! I hope you can quit smoking. My grown son does, and I wish he could stop. I wish I could give advice, but I have never smoked. Best of luck! IT ican be done, I know many who have. my mother smoked about 50 yrs, and the doctor told her she absolutely had to quit, that was many yrs ago,

haoleboy 2014-03-04 23:49:52 -0600 Report

tobacco free after a 40 year pack a day habit … you do not have to quit for the rest of your life … just for right now. I know that sounds silly but I have been quitting forjust right now for the past 400 days and it feels great!
nice job on the a1c

jayabee52 2014-03-04 19:30:40 -0600 Report

FANTASTIC JOB Pearl! WTG! Please continue keeping that A1c down! Looking forward to seeing you here more frequently
Praying for success for you to get off tobacco!

James Baker

Sherelle112 2014-03-04 18:17:04 -0600 Report

Hi!! I quit 2 months ago using an ecig. At first I had to puff a few times a day… Now I can go w/out it!! Honestly, my life is my motivation. I was an overweight, diabetic, smoker & that's a lethal combination. And I was scared bc I've lost 70lbs and was afraid to gain once I quit, but I didn't & my BSL are even better!!!! I had a good a1c before, but my fasting BS is lower. Don't be afraid, just do it & remember WHY you're doing it!!! Good Luck!!! Let your health be your motivation!!!! :)

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