Diabetic Jokes and New Friends

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A while back I met a friend of a friend and we really hit it off so we decided to go get some coffee. I don't recall how we got to the subject, but diabetes came up. She didn't know I'm diabetic. She started telling me about how she got awkward when there was diabetics around and that she didn't really know how to act when diabetics are around and she made quite a few humorous comments about diabetics and sweets, none of them were offencive and I found most of them funny. When I told her that I'm diabetic her face was priceless. She got extremely awkward and apologised profoundly. At that point I couldn't contain my laughter. I proceeded to tell her some of my funny experiences which I'd had due to my diabetes. That really was a bonding experience and now it's one of our favourite memories, today we are still close friends. I just wanted to share this funny experience, even though diabetes isn't a pleasurable thing to have, there are always people who'll be there and sometimes even make it worthwhile and encourage you to hang in there, even if it's just by them living in oblivion :)

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Nick1962 2014-03-04 13:46:06 -0600 Report

I have a diabetic acquaintance I see about once or twice a year because of work.
Due to the nature of our jobs, it’s usually a different client were working for/with each time we meet.
We shake hands and instead of exchanging names we just report our last A1c.
It’s been about 8 years and not one client has ever said “what’s that all about”.