Online Endos?

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Hello. I am a type II diabetic, and have
For several years. I have been seeing
A gp. I am over weigt, but I am
starting to have problems.
I feel like I need to consult with an endo
but the closest is 200 miles away. That's
a long way for me.
Does anyone know of a online endo
Service, and comments.

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Glucerna 2014-03-02 20:50:12 -0600 Report

Some hospitals and doctors work together via telehealth, giving people a long distance away the opportunity to get the input of specialists. You might talk with your physician and find out if she has this type of relationship with an endocrinologist. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-03-02 16:07:48 -0600 Report

Hi accordianman, this is a very interesting question. So much of healthcare is moving to the online environment, it seems that we are always learning of new online services. Things are changing so fast. I never thought about an online endo. Maybe with Skype? Gary