What my bad control has led too...

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Just wanted to share my story about the complications ive got/had due to poor control with my diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 when i was 8. Fairly simple at first, checking my bg and taking insulin then after several months my bg levels where high constantly. I was admitted to hospital over and over again trying new medications which would work for small periods of time. This went on for a number of years. At the time doctors/consultants where baffled and started a more thorough investigation. When i was 13 they sent me to cambridge (britain) to a team of specialists that carried out lots of weird tests. When i got the results back i didnt understand it all i understood is that i was to be on a very strict diet of very low fat and low sugar foods. I wasnt allowed any butters, oils, fats or cheese. Followed by insulin and tablets. I hated my life and was so miserable. My mother died when i was 9 so i was looked after by a family friend who became my legal guardian after my grandfather died. She was strict and made me do what i was told and i hated her for making my life difficult with my diabetes and when i turned 17 i moved out and also threw my bg meter, insulin and tablets in the bin and tried to continue living a normal life. Well wasnt i wrong…

I became seriously ill with pains in my belly on the left side just under my rib cage. I had sickness and back pain too. It past and thought i was fine until 2 weeks later and one night the pains came back but this time more intense and the sickness was that bad my nose started bleeding and i had no control over my bladder. I went straight to hospital and was given morphine for the pain. They took bloods and i had pancreatitis and hypertrigliceridemia. I ended up in intensive care with an oxygen mask, drips all over me and a morphine pump for the pain. I recovered after a week and was discharged after 2 weeks. 2 months later i had it again only this time they called my family to come say goodbye because my vitals where faiding and there was nothing the docs could do to help. I came round when my family where standing there. It was really late at night so i knew something wasnt right. I was too out of it to realise at the time. I recovered after 2 weeks and stayed out of hospital for a year until i became pregnant.

I ended up once again with pancreatitis and hypertrigliceridemia. This time i had to stay in the high dependancy unit in the pregnancy department and had to go to theater to have a line put in my neck so that could have a procedure done called a plazma exchange which means my blood is extracted out one of my veins through a large needle and put through a machine which cleans it and its put back in through another vein. They used the line in my neck to take the blood out. I had to have this done twice in the space of 24 hours. I lost the use of my legs for a while and couldnt stand i was so weak. It took 2 weeks in high dependancy and on morphine pump and slide and scale to recover. I spent 3 and a half months in hospital during my pregnancy. I was 3 and a half months when i was admitted. Then i had my son by c-section at 7 months. I had to have several plazma exchanges during my stay. After all the hell i went through i still couldnt look after myself and didnt take my insulin or bg or eat properly.

Since having my son i went from a healthy 10-11 stone weight to 8 stone. Ive got numbness in my feet, pain in my legs and anckles. Ive become thin. Ive got diarrhoea most days that keeps me up all night.

My most recent thing is my bladder…
I had a urine infection for a couple of months and thought it would pass by its self. So i took no notice of it even though my stomach was swelling really badly and didnt have the feeling that i needed to pee. Id taken antibiotics for something else which made me vomit and i was still vomiting the next day so i went to my local doctors and was referred to hospital with ketones in my urine and high bg levels. At the hospital they gave me IV fluids and a slide and scale(insulin through iv) and recovered quickly. I mentioned the swollen stomach and urine infection to the doctors and they did a bladder scan and it showed that i had alot of urine in my bladder and when i went to the loo i would only pass a small amount. They took a sample and started me on antibiotics. The next day i couldnt pass urine at all and needed to be drained by a catherter. After having to be drained a couple of times the doctors thought it would be better to be catheterised for a few days and after that i still couldnt go to the loo so i was re-catheterised for 2 weeks. During this time after all the tests they said my bladder was larger than it should be and the wall of my bladder was thicker than it should be and they didnt know why. I didnt get that feeling of needing to urinate and my bladder would just keep swelling up. I was dicharged last friday with a catheter still in with a flip flow valve which i had to go to the loo and empty my bladder myself. Ive had my catheter taken out and have to self-catheterise 4 times a day and i still cant pass urine without them. Im under investigation with this problem and i think its all down to my poor control with my diabetes. I now take care of it but regret my past because i may be left having to catheterise for the rest of my life. The doctors didnt say it was due to my poor control. Its puzzled them why the muscles dont work but hopefully they find an answer.

Please take care of your diabetes people. Im only 23 and feel like im living a life of an unable elderly woman. Thanks for reading. X

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Young1s 2014-03-02 21:39:13 -0600 Report

I "liked" your story because I hope others will heed the warning. You are going through some stuff. I weep for you but know you don't need my tears. Thank you so much for sharing.

Young1s 2014-03-02 21:36:18 -0600 Report

Oh my goodness! Your story is, first of all scary, but necessary. I say damn cause damn! Yes,and absolutely yes. Not just for us women but for us all.

bruinsgirl978 2014-03-02 21:11:04 -0600 Report

Thank you for your story. I pray for you and all diabetics. My control has been a roller costed good bad good bad. I now have a loving husband and am working hard every day but its still a struggle. Good luck.

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