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Hi everyone!
Haven't been here for a while. Nothing bad going on in my life. MrCDogg and I along with the critters have just been hunkered down for the winter.
Back last September our insurance decided that all diabetics on their plan who had been using Lantus now had to switch to Levemir or pay $80 per month when we hadn't been paying anything for diabetic meds or supplies. So I reluctantly went along with it. At first it didn't seem to control my sugars well at all. But as the dose was adjusted my numbers became better. I also noticed some other positive changes. I am no longer always hungry, yay for me!! My ankles and legs no longer swell to twice or more their normal size. The best part of all this? I have lost just a hair over40lbs! It's all been pretty much effortless on my part. I am very satisfied by much less food now. I just simply have no desire to eat large amounts of food. I feel better physically and emotionally! It is nice to see the scale creeping down instead of sprinting up!! Arthritis is still with me but, I have mild pain now instead of moderate to severe. I am able to handle the pain with a small dose of ibuprofen and the supplement MSM.
So, that's my big update. I certainly hope that all of you are well and happy.

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byrun 2014-02-25 08:18:04 -0600 Report

Good morning my friend!!!! Congratulations on all the positive happenings in your life. Continued well wishes for you and welcome home!

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