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So I'm sure everyone had a problem with mood swings and their sugars. Mine have been terrible of late. Guess just looking to vent and see what else people have done and a stress relief outlet. Working out gets me pumped up so that's not an option.

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GabbyPA 2014-02-23 17:13:41 -0600 Report

I know my moods can be pretty bad when I am struggling with my levels. I get mad at myself and a lot of times it just overflows. Or if they are happening too much and I get the "I can't do anything right" look or comment from my family...That stabs me in the heart.

One thing that I do to help is try to stop and realize what I am saying when I see the downward trend. If I just take a moment to stop before I reply or react to something, it saves me from eating my words later.

Another thing I try to do is take a moment to be grateful for whomever my outburst will be directed at. Self talk that says I would not want to be treated the way I am treating someone.

Of course the best thing I can do is eat right, exercise and take my meds so that they don't happen in the first place. This should always be our first defense.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-23 16:21:10 -0600 Report

I really don't have mood swings and the problem I had one major problem for the first time since being diagnosed last week. I don't stress over being diabetic and I certainly do not focus on being diabetic that alone can stress you out. My stress level only goes up when I am doing a lot and fail to organize. I stop and regroup what I am doing.

I think if you look at everything that causes you stress, you could probably put them into two categories. Stressful things you do not control and stressful problems you have created. For instance:

Stresses out of your control-you have a co-worker who seems to get away with doing nothing. That is not your problem unless you are pulling up the slack then you have to deal with it.
Stress you create-you have problems that you put off until the last minute then you find you have a lot of decisions to make.

Stress can also occur when you personalize things. You think people looking at you or treating you differently. You take to heart what people say to you or how they say it. Someone tells you that someone is gossiping about you. These things are out of your control so don't worry about it. People are always going to do these things. You can't stop it so don't worry about it.

To relieve stress,
Leave work AT work
Listen to music
Call a friend
Talk yourself through it
Take a deep breath
Laugh it off
Try relaxation, meditation, take a walk
Get some rest
Find a hobby
Take a class and learn something new
Sit down and make a bucket list and focus on doing the things on your list.
If your friends are always calling you about their problems, put a stop to it.
Go out and just have some fun
Do something special just for yourself

I stopped buying into problems other people have. I will help them but I will not take on their problems as my own. If they continue to need help with the same problem after I have listened to them and offered help, they are on their own.
I got rid of everyone in my life who are prone to drama. These kinds of people suck up all of your energy because you are constantly listening to them. I feel without all of the stress in my life that I use to have, I would probably have died from a heart attack by now. Life is short and I am trying to live it as stress free as possible.