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I've never told my story to anyone but here it goes.

I was 8 years old just a normal little kid having fun with family and friends, until summer hit I was getting sick constantly I got sick a few days just after I was getting over a different sickness it went on until July I was worse then ever I was sickly skinny I was pail more than I have ever been I couldn't get up for the most part and couldn't keep anything down I stayed on the couch in the living room just so my parents could check up on me every now and then ( everyone in my family was clueless that I was becoming diabetic and they didn't know what to do they tried every home remedy and even took me in a couple times but they told my parents that I should be fine within a couple days) I even wet the bed once during that time I was sick I know it sounds sick but it happened and as I got up to change my clothes and bedding my parents came in to check on me and I told them I wanted yogurt so they were all thinking finally she's getting better she wants to eat but as I are only half of it I went back to sleep and that's all I remember and the rest was told to me by family members but when I fell back to sleep I stopped breathing and was not responding and so my parents woke my sister up and told them what was going in and to rub me while my dad got the car ready to go in the emergencies room and my sisters told me later that I was blue I was throwing up blood and wasn't breathing normal and as me and my parents left for the hospital my sisters told my brothers, we got the hospital and they knew exactly what was wrong with me but they told us they didn't treat young children so I was life flighted to primary children's hospital an they got me in as fast as they could because by this point I was on the edge of dying and as I was getting taken care of the doctor told my parents my BG was over 800 and they told them I was type 1 diabetic, I didn't wake up for four and a half days after but as I found out I was in complete shock didn't know what to think or how to handle it but that's my story and to this day the first three years was a blur

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sheneverknows 2014-02-22 17:20:24 -0600 Report

They are going a lot better I almost feel normal again but then there are times when I just feel so different it's hard sometimes

GabbyPA 2014-02-22 17:11:45 -0600 Report

That has to be heartbreaking for your parents to see you go through so much and not know what to do to help.

That was a dramatic are the chapters going now?

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