Fill in the Blank Friday: The hardest thing to change in my eating habits has been ...

John Crowley
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Happy Friday, everyone! It's been a few weeks since I posted a "Fill in the Blank Friday" discussion. Life gets crazy sometimes, right?

So our last FITBF discussion was about times when you felt your diabetes control was going well. It was awesome to see how many of you feel that right now is the time that you're seeing the best control. That is so great! I hope you feel that this site in some small way is helpful in keeping you on the right path.

For those who missed it, here's the link:

For this week, let's talk about changing eating habits. So please fill in the blank to this statement:

The hardest thing to change about my eating habits has been …

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Richknowbody 2014-02-28 19:22:52 -0600 Report

I have been getting a lot more exercise because of the Samsung app S-Health.
I have been walking 64 miles a week because of this app.

Richknowbody 2014-02-28 19:24:25 -0600 Report

Had to stop eating potatoes.
Just love them.
But they release sugar into my blood for 6 hours and I have to keep taking insulin to compensate. Or keep up exercising.
If I have to work, the potatoes I can tolerate.

nzingha 2014-02-27 12:17:50 -0600 Report

ice cream..i love ice cream with almods and peanuts all over the top..i miss that so much but… not to despair.. i have found a near replacement.. yougurt… low fat… with strips of almod and nuts on top and this does not spike my numbers..:) but i still miss my original ice cream…

Pynetree 2014-02-25 08:56:55 -0600 Report

About the only thing I have given up, that I still miss is OJ, or juice in general in the morning. Also, really miss my half sectioned Grapefruit, my husband left one for me every morning that he was home…but we both are on Meds that prohibit grapefruit. What I miss the most is just mindless snacking, or eating. It gets so tedious to ALWAYS have to THINK before you eat!
Wonder why we never crave or miss Celery or Carrot strips?!? ;)

JaredLahti 2014-02-24 22:31:15 -0600 Report

Cutting the junk out of my diet. My vices have always been sweets and things like flaming hot Cheetos puffs.

elwojcik65 2014-02-24 20:22:57 -0600 Report

Some days I want pancakes so bad I can't stand it. Other times it's the chips calling my name. Celery sticks just don't cut it!!!

Pynetree 2014-02-25 09:15:12 -0600 Report

Guess I'm just not that dedicated .. when I really want pancakes, if my FBG that morning is OK, ie. not over 120, then I just eat pancakes! Limit my portion to 2, use sugar free syrup, and light butter, and I just enjoy them.

tinkerbell54 2014-02-24 15:01:04 -0600 Report

I like to find time to maKE LOVE TO MY HUBBY.!!!!! He's either too tire or he's too busy paying bills. 1 Horny diebetic wife. Ruth Tinkerbell54

tinkerbell54 2014-02-24 14:58:24 -0600 Report

is to find time to make love with my hubby? he's either too tire or he's to busy with paying bills. 1 horny diabetic wife. Ruth Tinkerbell54

Anonymous 2014-02-23 22:10:45 -0600 Report

Eating too much fruit maybe? I do NOT eat chips, cookies, ice cream, fried foods, fast foods or Pizza. I pretty much watch portion control but am still struggling on my weight. For some reason, I have stopped eating salads. Maybe when the weather gets hotter outside, that will change. I love water and eating ice. I have to have my French Roast Coffee with Sugar-Free French Vanilla Non-Dairy creamerI I do limit my cups to 2 a day. I only buy me a 20 oz. diet cherry dr pepper once a week for a treat. I try to eat only on a salad plate so the portions are small. I have medical issues and can not exercise. I have a leg that does not bend at all so I am really limited to only walking with a cane, which it has been too cold to do outside, the mall here closed and wal-mart is the only store big enough to walk in. I always spend money I do not have when I go there so I try to stay away. I live on disability and have to get food from the local food bank and assistance center. I do not have money to spend on a lot of food so I have to eat pretty much what I get (donated)! I do tell them I am diabetic though!

genniedevera 2014-02-23 08:11:17 -0600 Report

Let's see here… Portion sizes, pasta, bread, chips and pastries! Oh yeah, plus the necessity to eat veggies everyday…not really into it…

Young1s 2014-02-23 00:10:50 -0600 Report

The hardest thng that I've been facing lately was fast food. In particular, pizza and fried haddock. I justify it by saying that it's veggie pizza or fried fish that isn't too filling but I know it's not good for me.

It doesn't help that the fam is all aboard recently. I know why they do it too. Because we haven't had it in a while, but I feel I may have been going overboard,,,haha. At any rate, hey, at least it isn't the chocolate that my hubby gave me on Valentine's Day. Yeah he did, Totally forgot or was just a reflex. I enjoyed a few though, won't even lie.

Nana_anna 2014-02-22 19:24:17 -0600 Report

Trying to stay with a menu that helps my BS numbers. That is hard for me to do. I have changed on the good side, and started eating more veggies, and at least one fruit a day. Bread also is my other no no. I was a potato gal! French fries and potato chips are bad, I know but I still have both but not everyday. I am trying to loose weight to. I am avoiding that now, and trying to all together. Its hard giving those completely up. Sorry, but I am trying.

George1947 2014-02-22 00:24:06 -0600 Report

Giving up milk chocolate…

JaredLahti 2014-02-24 22:25:17 -0600 Report

I don't know what kind of workouts you do, but if you are an endurance athlete then chocolate milk is a great recovery drink. Chocolate milk has a good protein to carb ratio and can help with muscle development.

shortysmalls 2014-02-21 22:15:28 -0600 Report

hardest thing to change about my eating habits has been giving up diet pop and the occasional donut…also healthy eating comes in there somewhere too

sheneverknows 2014-02-21 21:21:47 -0600 Report

Aw sugar for me anything sugar so hard to give up but then there are times when I need it :) cutting back on a bunch of foods leaves me to eat vegetables and fruit not the funnest things to eat but it helps

debimzadi 2014-02-21 20:32:33 -0600 Report

Maintaining a balanced plate.

Previously I didn't think about carb/fat/protein ratios. A meal was eating what was at hand without regard to fruits, veggies, starches, proteins. I knew what they were but they weren't anything I needed to think about or plan around.

My next task is portion control.

camerashy 2014-02-21 19:00:44 -0600 Report

It hurt my feelings when I had to drop pasta. Now what am I gonna eat? Portion sizes aren't a problem any more, as I lost my appetite a couple of months ago. I'm trying to quit smoking, and the two seem to be connected.

draco59 2014-02-21 18:32:12 -0600 Report

mine is 2 fold, 1 is portion size and 2nd is, I don't like most fruits and vegetables… But I'm working on both.

jayabee52 2014-02-21 17:28:07 -0600 Report

mine is also portion sizes

locarb 2014-02-21 20:09:04 -0600 Report

I find your history with this condition so interesting. The differences between managing diabetes today and many, many years ago is amazing. You're an absolute lexicon. I agree with you about portion size. That's the biggest thing that I had to learn too. I still don't like it, but that and exercise brought me to no symptoms of diabetes based on lab tests and my the medical opinion of my endocrinologist. Different things work for different people but sometimes simple is better.

jayabee52 2014-02-22 12:17:52 -0600 Report

I am at my roots a rather simple man, so I prefer simple things, even though I can understand some things which are complex.


GabbyPA 2014-02-21 17:24:28 -0600 Report

portion sizes. I can eat really healthy, but still, when I eat too much it's the same as if I ate cookies and ice cream. So even salads, I have to watch...too much of anything is not good.

Nana_anna 2014-02-22 19:28:23 -0600 Report

Me to. I love cookies, not ice cream so much. I have to watch the cookies! I love salads, but, I buy it but it stays in the fridge untouched and it gets old before I get to it. Doing better though.

kimfing 2014-02-21 15:59:46 -0600 Report

Having to eat three meals a day plus snacks. Before dx last year, i would eat once a day

Nana_anna 2014-02-22 19:29:25 -0600 Report

I am not a snack person except for the chips. We didn't buy any this week. I am screaming for them! But no more!

kimfing 2014-02-22 22:27:36 -0600 Report

We haven't had chips in the house since forever. I tried a few after dx, but it was like eating a handful of Cisco :-) yuck. :-)

Richard157 2014-02-21 15:58:28 -0600 Report

To go from a diet that allowed everything but sugar, to one that involved counting carbs, avoiding many foods, and eating only small portions of others. That was a huge change in my dealing with food.
I was diagnosed in 1945, and the only rule given about eating was to avoid sugar. It was 40 years later that I finally learned about carbs. Some foods have fast acting carbs and I started avoiding both sugar and some other foods that gave me a big spike soon after eating. Eating only small portions was a difficult adjustment.

jigsaw 2014-02-21 15:15:25 -0600 Report

Exercising portion control, and cutting down on carbs! It seems that my favorite foods are loaded with carbs. You know that guy that said "bet ya can't eat just one" well, he was 100% correct! I just want to eat the whole bag! Pizza, pasta, ice cream, I'm just dying to stuff my face at times. I'm tired having that little nibble. I guess, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Mrs. Alilce
Mrs. Alilce 2014-02-21 14:33:57 -0600 Report

I learned to eat my carb at breakfast. That helped a lot. I started seeing an Endocrinologist. That helped a lot. The hardest thing to change in my eating habits has been potatoes and bread. I changed to sweet potatoes and high fiber bread. It is hard to change our family of night owls. Up past ten and I want to eat again!

granniesophie 2014-02-21 14:30:39 -0600 Report

Trying to balance Diabetes and Celiac Disease. The foods that Celiacs eat are not necessarily good for Diabetics! I cook mostly from scratch, but on really busy days, it can be hard to find something to eat that satisfies both conditions. Fast food is completely out, so stopping for a quick dinner just doesn't cut it!

Mrs. Alilce
Mrs. Alilce 2014-02-21 14:39:47 -0600 Report

I started buying whole roasted chickens or turkey breast for my "fast food". Currently one is as cheap as a drive through dinner. Normally have a host of fresh vegetables for salad. One bag of Kroger, I think Endless Summer, and I guarantee a satisfied family. If it is just me, I may pop a sweet potato in the microwave. I like them boiled in the jacket as well. Sugar snap peas and ranch are a treat. Things I only bought for company, I buy now for me. Again the family is happy. Days when money is tight, ham and beans. Can you eat cornbread? Use some lt mayo or salad dressing instead of egg and it is moist and delicious as ever.

camerashy 2014-02-23 19:57:06 -0600 Report

Well, I can't eat cornbread at all because one small piece spikes my sugar. But mayo or salad dressing is bad for me, so, people, when I have to use oil in a recipe, I substitute apple sauce. Works perfectly. But I haven't found a good substitute for an egg. Wonder if eggbeaters would work?

mary, the diabetes lady
mary, the diabetes lady 2014-02-23 20:24:45 -0600 Report

Nana_anna, did you know that skimmed milk has more carbs than 3.5% or full fat milk? And that large apple you ate has at least 15 grams of carbs. It's so important to really know what carbs are, what they do to your insulin, why they cause insulin resistance, etc. You may already know all this so I am probably preaching to the choir.

I have a passion for helping PWD. My husband is a T2D. He lost 100 pounds. In 2003 he lost 80 pounds in the first 9 months and then he decided to lose another 20 pounds a few years later. He went from 280 to 180. He is 5'10"

He just turned 75 years old on the 8th of February. He's off of insulin, off of statins, off of diuretics and the horrible neuropathy that he suffered with for over 20 years is gone. It was eliminated in 2004 after only 1 year on the program that I created for him. So it's been a great 11 years for us.

We go everywhere and anywhere to present our program. It's our way of paying it forward. No one should suffer the debilitating horrific effects of diabetes.

margokittycat 2014-02-21 14:17:43 -0600 Report

To eat. I do not do breakfast and lunch is usually 3 in the afternoon with a snack around 7p.m. I just am not hungry and can't seem to force myself to eat like I should. I am trying but it is hard for me I was diagnosised 33+ years ago when I was a child 3 meals and three snacks but as I got older I could not do it any more.

Nana_anna 2014-02-22 19:32:43 -0600 Report

Same here. Today I had my snack at 3p.m. which was skimmed milk and 1 large apple. I took a nap at 5 and a bath at 6 and didn't eat dinner til 7. So there went my snack at 7 :)

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-02-21 14:13:51 -0600 Report

It constantly changes, when I was younger it was giving up sweets, then it was portion control. For a while it definitely would have been drinking less. Now that I am on a pump, and test ridiculously, it's finding out what food combos together are bad. I'm just glad that I am at a point in my life that I don't struggle against what I know, if it doesn't work, don't do it.

JSJB 2014-02-21 14:08:31 -0600 Report

Sticking to my diet. I am eating the proper foods but I just can not get into the portion size. It is not an everyday problem but there are days when I make a lunchmeat sandwich on a wheat wrap and before you know it I am eating another one. Eventually I will get on the right track and stick to my diet.

Mrs. Alilce
Mrs. Alilce 2014-02-21 14:42:31 -0600 Report

Portion control '-' who likes that! I did discover I could stick to one plate and have it more than half veggies. I also can usually be full on a salad vs a dinner plate. You are right "eventually" one becomes more accustomed. Hang tough.

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