My New Meal Plan.

By Bluegill88 Latest Reply 2014-02-22 11:53:32 -0600
Started 2014-02-21 11:53:58 -0600

For the pass four days I have been eating a salad for my Dinner, witch consist of Veggs, fruit, and chicken. I take my med at mid morning (500 mg) metformin. For breakfast I eat one sausage and one piece of wheat bread. For lunch I eat a half apple and a crisp bran cracker with peanut butter. Drink two glasses of water with my lunch.
For dinner I have my salad with the same items each day.
My Blood reading for the pass two days has been as listed below: 02/20/14, 0720-186, 1330-122, 1400, 132, 1640-117, 1705-114,1940=159, snack 1950 went to bed.
02/21/14-0630-117, 0738-124.
Now my question is am I getting a false reading?
I am planning on continuing this meal plan until I am able to share my results with my Doctor. I will decide then on if this is a good meal plan, or should I make changes.
Your through on this plan please.

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jayabee52 2014-02-22 11:53:32 -0600 Report

Howdy Blue
I see little to criticize about your meal plan, even though I don't eat products made with grains (of most kinds). If you are comfortable with your plan, by all means continue with it.

Regarding the Blood Glucose (BG) readings the only reading about which I'd be concerned is your fasting reading at 0720 on 02/20 - 186 mg/dl looks to me as you had a liver dump that night, (or you really, really, overindulged for your bedtime snack).

Most every other BG seems well within expected ranges.

If you'd like to check out individual items of your meal plan you could read and follow the method outlined in the discussion here ~

God's best to you and yours

Copperchef 2014-02-22 09:32:32 -0600 Report

My equipment is now 5 years old. I run tests using the testing agent every month. I am comfortable with my equipment. I download my results to my doctor every 90 days. By comparing my results with his, we have struck a happy median. My A1c's are below 6.0, so we are both happy. As he tells me, the home testing is just a guideline, use it to know where you are roughly, but get a fasting blood test every 90 days to know where you really are.
I have had this disease now for over 5 years, I still cook a lot, but now mainly for family and friends. I like my blood sugar around 114 to 124, but don't get upset with a 173, cause I know it will come down.
If anything, my doctor has taught me to learn how to adapt, if you can adapt, you will survive and do it well. Don't fight the day to day things, look at it long term, make your compromises, change what you can and learn how to live with the disease. I never said I can't do this, I always said I could learn to live with this.
As the saying goes, "let me change the things that I can, accept the things that I cannot and the ability to know the difference".

Nana_anna 2014-02-21 18:55:09 -0600 Report

Your Dr. may want to know this question also, and your thoughts about changing any diets. That way he can also work with your meds if needed.

jigsaw 2014-02-21 17:44:45 -0600 Report

I think your heading down the right path! You can always tweak things if necessary. Keep up the effort, the rewards will certainly follow.

GabbyPA 2014-02-21 17:30:26 -0600 Report

It sounds like you have a winning plan there. I have been cutting out the grains and most dairy and just eating meats, veggeis and fruits and it has helped me too. Keep it up.

Nick1962 2014-02-21 15:52:31 -0600 Report

That’s pretty much what my week looks like food wise. Like Copper says, you won’t see results overnight, especially if have some weight to shed. Keep with it, you will see results (I did) and it’s good for you.

Copperchef 2014-02-21 12:00:17 -0600 Report

If you trust your equipment, then I would say No, not a false reading. I would just make sure that I tested my strips by using the glucose agent to make sure that everything is on the up and up.
Also, some times diet changes need a couple of more days for things to find their balance. But Still, good job.