Can't get it down

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Ok so I've had type one diabetes for almost six years now and my doctor says I need to get it under control but I literally have tried everything how the heck do you get you BG down I'm sick of headaches and being tired all the time and living on a farm far away from everything ads to the not being active enough but how do you get it down… Please help.

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-02-21 22:08:21 -0600 Report

Hi sheneverknows!

NIce to meet you, my friend. I am glad you are here.

I am wondering if you might want to talk to your doctor about what you can do to exercise at home. Walking? Putting on some music and dancing? Working out to a DVD? Chores and housework? You might ask your doctor what would be save and reasonable to get your activity level up more. Just an idea.

Take care of yourself! And stay in touch.


sheneverknows 2014-02-21 19:46:05 -0600 Report

Not really a potato farm you can only do some much until its time to plant or harvest all the In between stuff is done by all the older guys and during the summer is no problem because I have a job walking in the fields and pulling bad plants and its 8 hours of walking everyday so that does help but it's just all the In between time that makes my BG go crazy

GabbyPA 2014-02-21 17:35:57 -0600 Report

Living on a farm should give you plenty of things to do. I know I just have a back yard garden with a few other critters to tend to, and that can take hours out of my week, depending on how much the weeds are taking over. LOL

Exercise is one of our best friends. It helps our cells take in the glucose without insulin so being active is a great thing to do. Water is also good, but I know when I drink a lot, I have to pee a lot and I find that most annoying.

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-02-21 11:05:28 -0600 Report

Start with something you can control, what you're eating, portion sizes, test a lot, take notes and look back to see what is affecting you how. After 27 years I finally got on a pump, it has been night and day, what used to be my 'good' numbers are now considered my high numbers. What kind of farm do you live on? I was 15 when I was DX'd and lived on a grape farm, not a fancy vineyard where people come for tastings, we grew table grapes and a lot for Welch's, and a lack of physical activity wasn't an option. The doctor said that probably kept me from being higher than the 1200 that I was DX'd at.
Get back to the basics; carb counting, IC ratios, correction ratios, figure out what's working and adjust what isn't. Get into some sort of athletics, being a farm kid, I understand how easy it is to develop bad habits, try to have some good habits in place to help you through. You can get through this, best of luck.

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