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So I also am a carnivore and I love red meat now I can't seem to eat protein because of stage one renal disease. Are there any vegetarians on the site and if so I would love to hear from you I have to be very careful with my diabetes and being very vegetarian. This will be very new to me so as far as I know I seem to have to eat every two hours. At least my boss is diabetic so he's very understanding at this point.
Thanks for any input.

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Howdy Winn
I have CKD, stage 5 and need dialysis.

I don't believe you need to give up meat. in fact before I needed to go on dialysis and was trying to conserve my kidney function, I asked my renal Dr about protein and he gave me the go-ahead to basiclly eat all the protein I could.

I know that there is a controversy about protein in the renal specialist community, but my Dr came down on the side of more protein is better.

However not all vegetarian proteins are good for conserving kidney function. For instance nuts of all kinds and dried beans are not good due to their high potassium levels. CKD sufferers have to eat differently than most people, even different than those who have diabetes. Also all cola drinks (Dr pepper included) has Phosphoric acid as an ingredient. Phosphorus is a substance which is hard on kidneys as well. Also sodium is to be avoided.

You can Google lists of foods and drinks which have high phosphorus, high potassium and high sodium and avoid them. You cannot avoid all phosphorus, potassium or sodium cause most foods have some of each in them. But you can avoid the foods containing the highest amount of any of those nutrients.

You can also go to dialysis providers like Fresenius ~ or DaVita ~ and find lists of those foods as well and also recipes which are kidney friendly.

I pray this has been helpful to you and maybe eased your mind regarding food and the necessitiy of eating Vegetarian or even Vegan.

If you are stage 1, you have a lot of room to wiggle since your kidneys are still functioning relatively well. I had no such time because my kidneys got an infection and had an acute failure.

Praying you have a LONG time before you even come close to needing dialysis, Actually I pray you never need it.

James Baker

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