Teen with diabetes

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I need advice on how to control my diabetes and not let it control me. I've been in the hospital for my diabetes over 12 times. My a1c has always been a 10 or above. I skip doses and i dont always test my blood sugar. Im tired of living this way and i know i need to do better. Have you ever been in this situation? If so how did you get your stuff together and start taking care of yourself?

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sazajay 2014-02-21 06:46:22 -0600 Report

Please for your sake take the advise. Ive been the teen that thought the world was against me and i didnt take the advise im now a 23 year old that has chronic pain in my legs because of muscle damage and i need a catheter to urinate because my bladder muscles no longer contract. I regret not taking advise and taking my health serious enough. I cant go out and enjoy myself no more because walking is so painful. Your family will worry about you too and give you a hard time. Set reminders on ur phone to take your bg and insulin. Its so important and ive only just realised this in the last 2 weeks after being told i have to catheterise myself and i cant go to the toilet normally. Ive made some big decisions in the past 2 weeks and its for the best. Eventually i would be dead only in a matter of a few years. Do the best you can and make small changes rather that big ones because its hard work and it feels like it would be easier to give up. Do it while you still have great health and it will become easier its just hard to get over the first few hurdles. Ive been diabetic for 15 years anf the last 5 ive not cared about my health and i regret not looking after my condition. Like i said ive made my decision to turn my life around only in the last 2 weeks. Ask your friends and family to help you remember your bg and insulin or set reminder on your phone. Hope you find what you need and diabetes is a difficult condition to live with. All the best x

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-02-19 21:26:10 -0600 Report

I was DX'd when I was 15 and went through all of this. There were 3 of us in my high school and 20 years later, one of us is dead, one has a full pancreatic transplant, and I am parading around with one working eye. I decided to start doing better when my son was in his senior year and I could barely see his last season of football.
Nobody can scare you into it, you just have to decide to do better, not perfect, nobody can be perfect, just better.

jarett88 2014-02-18 23:41:13 -0600 Report

I been there. Was diagnosed when I was 11, 1980. Felt like my life was over. So I didn't take care of my self at all. Eat anything I wanted. Did a lot of bad things. In my opinion there is not anything people can tell you to turn your life around. We can give you are stories but you have to want to change. We can help you when needed. You have all the control. I just s tarted support groups last year and here this year. It helps. Don't let diabetes control you. You control diabetes.

jayabee52 2014-02-18 19:08:06 -0600 Report

Howdy Ari
I got T2 in my 40s, but I still went through denial and burnout (where you seem to be).

I got scared into getting better about caring for myself. My wife at that time pulled me into our pastor's office one Saturday afternoon and in front ot the pastor told me that if I didn't start taking care of my diabetes, she would divorce me. And I could tell that she was to be taken seriously. I certainly didn't want that! I started taking better care of my diabetes, testing and taking my Met. (Several years later she divorced me for an unrelated reason but not for not taking care of my diabetes.)

I got a lot better at taking care of my diabetes after I had been on Diabetic connect for a couple of years and learned so much more than I could by going to workshops and classes on it. The way I get information here is the best way for me to absorb the information, bits at a time. That has made me better at managing my T2.

God's best to you

James Baker

ashley50 2014-02-18 17:05:51 -0600 Report

I was exactly like that, i have had it for 5 years! And the only way i got out of that funk was i woke up one day and told myself i wanna live for a long time, have kids, not have eye problems, i wanna be healthy and be around for a long time. You just need to get on it and be consistent with it it gets easier trust me!