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Okay, this may be confusing, but at my last Dr. office visit in Dec. my Dr. gave me a set amount to take on insulin. 20 in the morning and 15 at dinner time, that's it. So I am prone to high numbers and if I have high number at dinner, I am wondering if that units for insulin should be higher then 15. Its usually in the evening when the numbers are up. My question is, do you all adjust your insulin before or after meals. Also, do you take insulin at lunch time??

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Howdy Anna
The adjustment of any dose of insulin is something done in consultation with your Dr. None of us can advise you, we can only share anecdotes about changes we've needed to make. I take it you are injecting a medium acting insulin if injecting 2 x/day.

I injected NPH for about 5 yrs at approximately the same general units as you per injection. And at that time I was instructed that I only needed injections AM & PM 12 hrs apart if possible. That was the way NPH was supposed to work

However I found that at that level of insulin used, as a T2 my pancreas was putting out enough of my own insulin to manage my diabetes without medication. So now I manage my T2 by what I eat (and don't eat) so I notified my Dr and made the switch to managing without NPH injections.and haven't gone back since.

If you are having trouble with high Blood glucose (BG) readings could it perhaps not be a problem with your insulin, rather instead, what or how much you are eating?

For instance if you are eating something with gluten in it, and you are sensitive to gluten, (but not full blown celiac) perhaps you could be getting low level inflammation which could be raising your BG levels?

There are a lot of different possibilities which could account for a rise in BG levels during the day. So before you look into raising your units of insulin or add another injection during lunch, perhaps it would be wise to look into what you are eating and see if anything there might be causing the higher numbers in the evening meal / night time.

If you choose to go that way I can suggest ways to find out what might be causing your higher numbers.

Praying God's best for you and yours

James Baker. .

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