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Started 2014-02-17 07:18:29 -0600

Got my labs back today.. no doc explanation yet.. but some of the numbers Im worried about. several different labs are far enough out of the normal range to be of concern.. see a doc today.. see where I go from there.

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vrswesley 2014-02-17 23:37:24 -0600 Report

Im having two tests done shortly an stomach emptying test, and a ct scan on my pancreas. New pa today, I wasnt impressed with him.. he wasnt really that bad..but he could work on his bedside manner.. I think..been trying to figure out why I didnt like him..may be he was just overwhelmed with my situation? Most docs are when they see my history for the first time…which always makes me a bit nervous too.

He dodnt seem to think there was anything to be done for me.. I felt like saying..YOU live with intermantent nausea! You try that.. just felt like he was going to blow me off.

winn230 2014-02-17 20:45:39 -0600 Report

Hello, New here. I just got my labs back on Saturday and they were really bad just informed I have stage one kidney disease not due to the diabetes I had it before but now it seems to be getting worse. I now have to be on a low protein diet and I'm diabetic I may have to go vegetarian this is very complicated please pay attention to your doctor and always ask what your micro albumin and protein levels are.

vrswesley 2014-02-17 23:13:15 -0600 Report

so far they are all blowing my kidney #'s off. one more doc to try..althoughtodays..he didnt actually blowwme off.. .IUthink he just figured it wasnt his job..technically that was true.. but thiss is one of the reasons Im about to fire my pcp…have a appt with a possible new one in a week and a 1/2, Ill ask him. pray , (anybody who deos) that he does.

jayabee52 2014-02-17 09:55:53 -0600 Report

good you're seeing a Dr

vrswesley 2014-02-17 23:18:51 -0600 Report

two test coming up .. a ct scan on my pancreus and a stomach empty/ I fell asleep after I got home and I think i slept 6 hrs! I just ook my blood sugar 230! And my pressent pcp calls my diabetis in controll! do you agree(yes I know your not a doc) but does that sounld like control!? somethings wrong..!

winn230 2014-02-18 06:59:54 -0600 Report

Hello, I think it might be a good idea to look up the Dawn phenomenon. It happenss often when you don't have an evening snack. I also am not happy with my current pop. My endo guy retired. I'm going to go back to the guy he trained before he retired.

jayabee52 2014-02-18 10:39:56 -0600 Report

No 230 mg/dl does not sound like control. That you have a night time snack may be good depending on of what that snack consists. Optimal night time snack would be a coplex carb paired with a protein. Example: a couple of apple slices slathered with peanut butter. The carb starts you through the night, the protein digests slowly and keeps your BG from falling too low for most of the night

vrswesley 2014-02-18 11:20:19 -0600 Report

yes, my soon to be former pcp says my diabetis is undercontrol, that I dont havve diabetis nueopathy, and I dont have kidney desease! I think i already told you I have an appointment with a new pcp next wed(week from tomorrow!) I called yesterday.they take my insurance.. ive been reasearchiung the doc they gave me..seems very good. office seems friendly.. all important to me.. Ill private to you what im going to say to him. I just cant believe I got in so fast.. I am having a ctscan hope changing docs doesnt cause troule there…better mention that to him.

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