lost a toe

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in the hospital got my toe removed sadly. it was my forth toe and got a lil chunk of bone removed. i don't know why my bone got infected. i ben seeing a wound care dr for a while now. it got removed cause the bone got infected not cause my toe was black or anything like that. up next my leg will get removed or my knee down. my will to wanna live is a lot lower now props to all you diabetics that are happy. i miss being able to go to a water park and go bare foot or go to the beach and go barefoot i look so stupid with these water. shoes especially when allmost everyone there is barefoot but im not normal im a freak i love the feeling sand on your feet but i cant have that anymore i cant do jack **********.

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LouisvilleBabe 2014-02-18 18:27:53 -0600 Report

You're not a freak. I'm sorry you lost your toe, but you're not a freak. Just try to take better care of yourself. Once that toe place is good and healed, take the shoes off for a bit, and stick your feet in the sand. C'mon and try to be happy. You still have a lot of life to live.

jayabee52 2014-02-17 07:25:13 -0600 Report

Howdy Anon

Sorry to learn of the loss of your toe.
Having diabetes means we have to live with a few more restrictions but these few restrictions need not seriously affect the quality of your life. I understand (because I've been through it) the mourning we go through of the way we used to be. However this is my "new normal", and most all fo the things that really matter are still achievable. I might have to achieve them in different ways than others but I still can "get er done".

I pray that you find acceptance of your new normal sooner rather than later. The loss of your toe was a wake up call your body is sending you. Please heed it before your worst fears (losing a leg?) is a reality.

God's best to you

James Baker

PS if you want to talk privately, please invite me to be your friend and we then can use the private messaging system to talk.