Newly diagnosed with diabetes.

Shawn Grant
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Few months ago around the Christmas holidays I needed to go to the bathroom a lot and was very thirsty. A week went by and I thought I was going through one of them pee and thirst phases. It didn't stop. Since my whole family, just about, has diabetes, I pretty much knew that is what it was. Went to the DR. in early January for a physical and my fasting blood sugar was 225 and A1C was 8.8. I was diagnosed with diabetes.

20 years before, I watched my dad have many eye surgeries, nerve issues with fingers and feet, congestive heart failure and he finally passed in his sleep at the age of 54 with a heart attack.

I am just 39, 6 1 height, 170 pounds, and in great health otherwise and I will not tolerate deterioration of my health due to diabetes. I will not be my dad. I was put on Metformin and not told a damn thing about diet. I had to research this myself. I started with the ADA suggestions. Their suggestions still has way too many carbs. My blood sugar was in the 140 to 180 range. My dad followed their suggestions and he is in the grave.

I further reduced the carbs. I eat no more than 15 per meal. I cut out all and I mean all grains. I cut out all starches. I cut out milk. It has lactose which is sugar. I eat lean meats, tons of low carb veggies, and some cheese. With 3 weeks eating like this my blood sugar is 90 to 110 consistently. I also exercise a lot. I weight lift every other day and the other days I speed walk 2 to 3 miles.

On my second visit to the DR, my A1C dropped to 7.2. I see him in a month and I expect it to be even lower. Diabetes will not beat me.

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-02-16 19:37:34 -0600 Report

Hey Shawn,

It's great to see you, my friend. You have the most empowered attitude! And it's amazing how you have taken control of your self-care and are already seeing excellent results. You are an inspiration!


Glucerna 2014-02-15 15:50:04 -0600 Report

I admire your determination to take control of diabetes. I'm sorry to hear about your father, and the good news is that a lot has changed with diabetes management in the past 20 years: self-monitoring blood sugars, A1c, new medications, and greater knowledge of how food choices affect blood sugar levels. You're setting the stage to maximize your health. ~Lynn @Glucerna

kimfing 2014-02-15 14:03:29 -0600 Report

That is awesome. I did the same thing at the beginning,b ut i was dropping too much weight so Dr put me in meantime insulin. Don't know if you have a krogerg grocery store, but they have carb smart yogurt 4g per container n carb smart milk i think has 3-4 per serving. Chompies deli sells a high protein law carb bread made w soy, can't remember his many carbs. But very very low for two slices. Check out, i haven't tried anything yet, but they have a large variety.

I went from a1c at dx in April of 11.7 to 5.5 three months later:-)

Keep up the awesome work

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