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lone wolf shane
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Can I drink regular soda like Mountain Dew and can I drink alcohol while on metformin

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Glucerna 2014-02-15 15:45:52 -0600 Report

I'm glad you've asked for a referral to a dietitian Shane. You asked what you could drink, and jayabee52 gave you excellent ideas. Any beverage that is naturally unsweetened and contains no carbohydrate is the best choice. Some people drink beverages with sugar substitute, and that's a personal choice as well as something to ask your physician/dietitian. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Type1Lou 2014-02-15 08:55:24 -0600 Report

Become aware of the carbohydrate content of everything you put in your mouth. Carbohydrates are the primary factor in elevated blood glucose. Read the labels of everything you buy, both for serving size and carbs per serving. For those foods without labels, get yourself a good carb guide: "Calorie King" is often recommended. Do you know how many carbs per day you are eating? If not, find out and try to lower that…if you do, you should see better BG readings and gain better control. I limit my carb intake to no more than 120 grams per day. You may need more since body size, age, gender and activity level are factors. Wishing you well!

lone wolf shane
lone wolf shane 2014-02-14 17:53:47 -0600 Report

I've already asked for a referral to a dietitian

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-02-15 14:33:15 -0600 Report

Treat your dietitian like you would a lawyer, full honesty. I used to enjoy a Molson or 6 most nights, I told the dietitian rather than telling me something that I would ignore, let's find the least offensive compromise. Stepping stone, I don't drink so much anymore.

lone wolf shane
lone wolf shane 2014-02-14 17:49:03 -0600 Report

Ok if regular soda and diet soda is not good for me the what can I drink

jayabee52 2014-02-15 10:03:37 -0600 Report

I drink water, mostly room temp from a Brita water filter bottle. Or you could drink water with lemon or lime in it. Those are the best choices. Milk, coffee (better if decaf), tea, are OK choices as well.

Glucerna 2014-02-14 17:21:52 -0600 Report

Check with your physician on the alcohol, and it might depend on what type of alcohol you drink plus your overall health. Metformiin and alcohol can lead to acidosis, and many physicians recommend no alcohol at all when taking metformin. Any type of sweetened beverage like Mountain Dew, other types of soda, sweetened ice tea, etc should be avoided by everyone with diabetes because they are too high in carbohydrate. If you haven't worked with a diabetes educator or attended a diabetes education program, I would ask your doctor for a referral. It's a really good way to gain the information you need to manage diabetes. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jayabee52 2014-02-14 17:20:31 -0600 Report

Howdy Shane
I am wondering who told you that you could drink alcohol while taking Met?

When I was taking it ('95-'06) every bottle had the sticker affixed: "Do not drink alcohol with this medication" I checked it out online and I found this on Mayo clinic site :
" It is very important to carefully follow any instructions from your health care team about:
•Alcohol—Drinking alcohol may cause severe low blood sugar. Discuss this with your health care team." ~

Other sites spoke of developing lactic acidosis when alcohol was consumed when dosed with Met:
"Metformin and Alcohol It is generally recommended that people not use metformin and alcohol at the same time. Taking metformin and alcohol together can increase your risk of developing a life-threatening condition called lactic acidosis." ~

I also agree with Silicone eyes on dumping the Dew, especially if it is not the so called "diet" version. (even the diet stuff is not good for you, see ~

God's best to you and yours

James Baker