I talked to my doc.. she failed the test completely!..

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She told me I did not have kidney desease…we went over all my labs.. were the gfr has been 60-87 for the last 3 yrs.. she said.".not a problem"..she said "yes theyve changed the charts were for when they think you have a problem.". "but I dont agree with them." this is what she said about my diabetis too.same lines…she said "yourve been at 60 but I dont send people to kidney docs til they hit 40." I just sat there listening.. Im not going to confront her.. Im just going else were.. its the diabetis all oveer again!…she also talked about the nueopathy.. she thinks Its my fibromyagia!..I dont agree with that either it doesnt feel like fibro to me.. my skin hurts, not my musles and joints!

seem like my husband was at 60 ..he had kidney disease…Im pretty sure he was at 60.. he also only had one kidney.

so Ill probably see her once more, just cause I dont see anybody new til lat apr..and I dont want to be with out.. Im hoping to move before then any way.. just not set in stone yet when im moveing…not telling her yet..its is painful toileave, but i cant stay heaere any more.. just cant.

she is going to sent me to a rheumey.. for possible ra. she can see everything but anything diabetis related. werid!


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IronOre 2014-02-13 20:45:00 -0600 Report

She failed what test ?
So what do you want the people to are part of the discussions on here to do for you?
Are you looking for an answer to something ? Are you looking for support of something ?
I don't get it.

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