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What are your grab and go snacks or your favorite snacks in between meals? My sugar is on the high end and never low that I know about. I need new ideas.

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Anonymous 2014-02-11 20:05:06 -0600 Report

Thanks everyone. I love Fiber One bars but they hate me not even considering the diabetic consequences. I try to avoid high carbs because that hits me pretty bad. Peanut butter is a weakness for me. All I need is a spoon and a jar and I am good to go. Ellay441 - thanks for the information. I'll quit my job tomorrow and start working for Google.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-10 21:09:10 -0600 Report

My snacks are based on how active I am going to be when I leave the house.

If I am active I take either a Fiber One snack with 18 carbs, a Clementine orange or 2 cookies or a mini candy bar. This keeps me going till it is time for a meal.

If I am not going to be active I take cheese, a few baby carrots, crackers, sugar free life savers, raw broccoli florets a container of sugar free jello pudding or a container of low fat yogurt.

T'Leesa 2014-02-10 22:19:45 -0600 Report

I think I'll try what you have posted. I'm always on the go.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-11 08:30:04 -0600 Report

T'Leesa, I learned this the hard way. I found out that when I am doing something active and eat very low or no carb snacks, my blood sugar would drop and I would have to find food. When I started taking high carb snacks, I don't have that problem and because I am being active, I am burning off the carbs.

I also learned that in extreme heat and cold, if I have to go out, after a meal, I eat more carbs than I should. The body burns carbs to regulate the body temperature and add the activity, the addittional carbs have never caused me a problem because I don't have highs or lows.

You have to find what works best for you.

kimfing 2014-02-10 18:06:37 -0600 Report

Bevita. Breakfast wafers four to a package 9 g carbs per cookie. Atkins and south beach make low carbs snacks and shakes that are great

Glucerna 2014-02-10 15:29:29 -0600 Report

I like to combine protein (hummus, peanut butter, nuts, string cheese, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, turkey) with raw vegetables for a satisfying snack with some crunch. ~Lynn @Glucerna

ashley50 2014-02-10 12:36:20 -0600 Report

Dry roasted peanuts with no salt! Fruit snacks, baby carrots, cucumbers. Handful of almonds.
If you have a sweet tooth the brand skinny cow makes the best sweet treats & they barley have any carbs. There amazing!!!!

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