I'm back with a heck of of story

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If anyone remembers I was new here couple months ago well I disappeared suddenly my wound and infection turned for the worse and have been in hospital last couple weeks still on Iv antibiotics but doing better . My wife took me to another hospital this time sister to are closest hospital we go to mainly due to all my current doctors are at that one but while in there never had a bs less than 200 if you remember I was always above 350 for last year taking over 300 units a day short and long lasting insulin well my doctors finally put me back on metformin if you remember couldn't take it due to kidney issues from antibiotics last year well they had me see a dietician and diabetes nurse while in hospital and they explained things for hours to my wife and I I was impressed they did that never had before at other hospital they enrolled me diabetes class it's four weeks long had first class Tuesday I learned so much of what we were doing wright but wrong at same time well as I said even in hospital they couldn't get bg believe 200 tested for type 1 nope didn't have it just type 2 well since then I had my first 150 bg reading in over a year and am maintaining it for the last week and have reduced insulin to a daily total ready for this if 100 units or less on sliding scale and doctors are happy wound has started to heal faster and better I was scared for last six months of dying spent three total months in hospital and three surgeries later I see the light at end of tunnel got three more classes left and I'm going to control this beast inside me finally I can have my life back with a huge change in attitude and no longer in denial or false control I know I've put my wife and family they hell last year being a depressed angry dick yelling at them for little things but they stuck by me everyday and night taking my verbal outrages and my scary depressed silence and besides them you guys on this site helped me even though you didn't know it I read your posts to questions and things diabetics go thru and it made me wake up and change my ways good thing to cause my wife is sheriff deputy and probably was about to kick my a$& but I owe everyone an apology and will have to really make it up to my family. On a side note cause my brain scrabbled time to time I was talking to other diabetics in class some new some had it for years everyone talks about the loosing feet toes legs let me tell you yes that can happen if you don't control diabetes but no one talks about the issues I hade SEVERE yeast infection when first diagnosed where treatment had to be so heavy I almost lost kidneys due to anti biotics and wounds on your body in places that well are tender and embarrassing to have people poking cleaning surgery etc due to sugar that builds up in your body trust me it sucks well just wanted to say hi and thank you for this forum I am reborn a diabetic and now living like one and doing a fantastic job if it so far

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Glucerna 2014-02-07 20:01:24 -0600 Report

Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on feeling better, the wound healing, blood sugar levels coming down, and learning more about diabetes. You're putting everything together and you're on a really good path. ~Lynn @Glucerna

diabeticdummy 2014-02-06 20:43:55 -0600 Report

So am I got a new perceptive on life now and abetter attitude towards my animal within me but have learned how to deal and cope or train him so he's not controlling me anymore I'm whipping him into shape I feel so much better and relaxed now I don't know why I fought it but I'm human I guess is best answer

jayabee52 2014-02-06 20:39:05 -0600 Report

Howdy DD
Wow what a story to tell. Glad you are getting through it and have profited by the "journey".

Praying God's best to you and yours

James Baker