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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but my blood sugars has been fine but my A1C was 5 last Month. Sometimes I feel low but my blood sugar is 140 or 130 and I feel low. I lowered my insulin but I still feel week when I go without insulin. What am I doing wrong?

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jayabee52 2014-02-05 17:42:52 -0600 Report

You may not be doing anything wrong, Rose, Sometimes we get what I call "false lows"

I don't know what your Blood Glucose (BG) levels were 3 to 5 hrs prior but if it were anything like what my "Jem" had when she was alive, she would have BG levels of 200 mg/dl or more. She would drop to about 150 mg/dl (using the sliding scale set up by her endo) and then have what I called false lows. Usually these would hit her about 3 AM when we were in bed. She would then chow down on candy or cookies, or anything high carb.

After imploring her to wake me before she sharted eating (she was blind and needed me to read the meter) she did once and I don't remember exactly what her BG levels were, but suffice it to say she was not even close to having a hypo. She didn't like not being able to chow down like usual, and I don't remember her waking me before shs started to eat ever again.

After reading a lot on this site, I have heard of folks who feel hypo at 80 mg/dl and another who has hypo symptoms at 100 mg/dl These are exceptions, however.



Nick1962 2014-02-05 17:42:49 -0600 Report

When was the last time you had a good blood panel done? Might be a vitamin deficiency (like vitamin D), could be a seasonal thing too.
Nice A1c there!