Kidney Disease?

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In the last few days…Ive noticed something…dont know if this was true before or if there are other reasons for it or if its even true… maybe its psychological. I dobnt know ,but jamaes, cant remeber your screen name, Im noticing Im going to the bathroom more..although not waking me up…and Im exhausted alot.. thats more . symptoms..

Im hunting for a diabetic kidney diet. does that exsist, anybody know? its something I can do while I wait for docs.

And please people, I do know you mean well, but .dont tell me to relax..I simply cant..the way I was brought up..if you say relax-I tense up -besides this is scary.

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vrswesley 2014-02-04 12:32:50 -0600 Report

by the way on a side note, one of my cats, alex if you look at my pics of my family, has been , just tenitivley dignosesd with ckd : ( I say tenitivly becuase I dont have the mponey for the we are skipping to treatment-diet.

jayabee52 2014-02-04 21:49:55 -0600 Report

Poor kitty! I understand house cats are prone to CKD/ some breeds more than others..

vrswesley 2014-02-04 23:25:23 -0600 Report

shes my baby, but is getting up there is age and has been losing weight for aboiut a yr.. havent been able to figure out why.. tested her for diabetes.. but came back fine.. finally tis weekend vet and i were talking about jalie my kitten(shes 7 months old) and it hit usmsybe this was the trouble.. with alex. so this is what well treat her for…mypoor baby.

jayabee52 2014-02-01 17:57:12 -0600 Report

Yes a diabetes/Kidney disease meal plan fusion does exist. It is a bit tricky as some of the recommendations for the two meal plans are contradictory. For example, Diabetes meal plans recommend eating whole grain breads, renal meal plans say that whole grains have too much potassium, so recommend white bread.
I follow (or try to) a Diabetes meal plan and modify it by not eating things which have high potassium, or posphorus or sodium. (It is extremely rare for me to eat bread at all.)

However if a diabetes meal plan and a kidney meal plan conflict I give more emphasis to the renal plan cause ignoring the Renal plan can get one sicker quicker (and even potentially dead) than not following the Diabetes plan close enough.

Following are several articles from various places on the web.






One thing occurred to me as I was reading the articles I have offered above. My situation as being on dialysis and your situation with your kidney in the process of failing are different, and you need to follow instructions for a failing kidney, which may include limiting protein intake at this time. Since my Kidneys have already failed and am on dialysis I am instructed to increase my protein intake. Speak with your renal specialist for recommendations for you.

I pray this helps you.


vrswesley 2014-02-01 19:51:34 -0600 Report

I agree with you, I should ask my docs for this but dont have one yet ..thats why Im looking online..understand the difference that your talking you know any place that has deits for diabetis/kidney disease…not failure?
ill keep looking.. did yo notice my post about noticing tired I am and going bath room..more..not siuer why.. but noticed it…

also wanted to tell ou…Im trying to move to Az..near you(compared to were I live now(mi)

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