Okra to help with Blood Glucose

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I've discovered and been doing a lot of research with the vegetable okra helping to maintain and even lower blood glucose. We are supposed to cut the bottoms off 2 okra "fingers," slit down the middle and let soak in room temperature water overnight. Drinking the water in the morning (30 min prior to eating/drinking) supposed to help with glucose not being absorbed. Apparently it's the fiber in the "slime" the vegetable puts into the water.

Has anyone else heard of this or tried it? My BG is very well under control and know that I should discuss this with my doctor and not substitute this finding with my current medication.. But am very very curious..

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jadesocean 2015-07-05 10:27:09 -0500 Report

A friend sent me the thing about adding it to water. I was really bad with my eating yesterday (july4th). I always have problems with my morning sugar #, so I knew they would be high. I woke up and it was 186! I had soaked the water in the fridge the night before, so I drank it and checked my numbers two hrs later. I was shocked that it went down to 130!! I have been on metformin for a month and ate perfectly before the 4th. I havent been able to get my numbers below 144. It did make me sleepy after I took it so I'm going to try drinking before bed and see if it helps my morning #

Homely54 2015-05-03 09:22:23 -0500 Report

Hello Adees5, I have not tried Okra in water but i do cook with it. You can add okra to your diet in many ways, 1 of them is in Stewed tomato and okra, For flavor first saute turkey bacon in a teaspoon or so of olive oil, add onion, garlic cook til fragrant add canned stewed tomatoes and cook til heated and flavors mixed well then add your okra and cook to your desired tenderness. You can add this stew over top brown rice or wheat penne pasta, actually any wheat pasta so long as it'll capture up the sauce with each mouthful. Delish :)

SRoshto 2015-05-02 20:23:07 -0500 Report

Okra water does help keep BG in check. I have been using it and my A1c has gone from 11 to 6.2. I also watch my diet and walk for exercise every day (30 minutes). You do not have to slice the okra open just poke it in the side with a fork and slice the tail and top off, place in a jar with a lid and 1 cup of cool water. Leave it on the counter overnight and drink it first thing in the morning. This is not an excuse to not watch what you eat!

haoleboy 2015-05-02 21:04:00 -0500 Report

glad your A1c is getting back towards normal.
There is strong evidence that diet and exercise positively affect Blood Glucose … but none that suggests that "okra water" does.
that said I do love my okra but I'll ea it rather than dtink the water and throw away all that nutrition

Cooper54 2014-10-09 12:29:46 -0500 Report

I found this information on Calcium oxalates in Healthy Foods and Wikipedia websites: Okra (0.05) has very little calcium oxalates compared to some other "diet" foods that we eat daily, like lettuce (0.33), so perhaps we are safe eating a normal amount of okra. (One cup of okra pods, approximately eight 3 inch pods has 31 calories and weighs about 71 grams, the measurement on the chart below is g/100g, so a cup would be under the 0.05 amount of calcium oxalate if these facts are true. (sorry guys, science major, can't help myself).

Oxalates are naturally-occurring substances found in plants, animals, and in humans. In chemical terms, oxalates belong to a group of molecules called organic acids, and are routinely made by plants, animals, and humans. Our bodies always contain oxalates, and our cells routinely convert other substances into oxalates. For example, vitamin C is one of the substances that our cells routinely convert into oxalates. In addition to the oxalates that are made inside of our body, oxalates can arrive at our body from the outside, from certain foods that contain them.

Foods that contain oxalates

The following are some examples of the most common sources of oxalates, arranged by food group. It is important to note that the leaves of a plant almost always contain higher oxalate levels than the roots, stems, and stalks.

blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, currants, kiwifruit, concord (purple) grapes, figs, tangerines, and plums
Vegetables (see Table 1 for additional information)
spinach, Swiss chard, beets (root part), beet greens (leaf part), collards, okra, parsley, leeks and quinoa are among the most oxalate-dense vegetables
celery, green beans, rutabagas, and summer squash would be considered moderately dense in oxalates
Nuts and seeds
almonds, cashews, and peanuts
soybeans, tofu and other soy products
wheat bran, wheat germ, quinoa (a vegetable often used like a grain)
cocoa, chocolate, and black tea

Content in food items[edit]
This table was originally published in Agriculture Handbook No. 8-11, Vegetables and Vegetable Products, 1984.[19]

Vegetable Oxalic acid (g/100 g)
Amaranth 1.09
Asparagus 0.13
Beans, snap 0.36
Beet leaves 0.61
Broccoli 0.19
Brussels sprouts 0.36
Cabbage 0.10
Carrot 0.50
Cassava 1.26
Cauliflower 0.15
Celery 0.19
Chicory 0.21
Chives 1.48
Collards 0.45
Coriander 0.01
Corn, sweet 0.01
Cucumbers 0.02
Eggplant 0.19
Endive 0.11
Garlic 0.36
Kale 0.02
Lettuce 0.33
Okra 0.05
Onion 0.05
Parsley 1.70
Parsnip 0.04
Pea 0.05
Bell pepper 0.04
Potato 0.05
Purslane 1.31
Radish 0.48
Rutabaga 0.03
Spinach 0.97
Squash 0.02
Sweet potato 0.24
Tomato 0.05
Turnip 0.21
Turnip greens 0.05
Watercress 0.31

jayabee52 2014-10-09 15:55:32 -0500 Report

Cooper, Do they teach Science majors reading comprehension in your school? This is about the folk belief that Okra water will cure or at least minimize one's diabetes.

I am glad that those who try to follow this experiment are safe from getting too much oxalates.

God's best to you

#1PepsiGirl 2014-09-24 11:36:27 -0500 Report

Wow… I'm looking at all this and I had just finished making some okra water. So I'll repost again after about a week or so. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and this is all very strange to me. I see you all talking about BG's, BS's, A1C's… LMNOP's. What are you talking about? I have to prick my finger everyday and I write down numbers that show up on the screen, but where do I find the BS's and the A1C's??

jayabee52 2014-10-09 15:57:50 -0500 Report

Pepsi, according to the time stamp next to your name and icon, it has been a little over 2 weeks. How did your experiment go?

byrun 2014-09-24 12:42:05 -0500 Report

BG and BS mean Blood Glucose and Blood Sugar levels. Those are the #'s you are recording every day. A1C is the average of Your BloodSugar/ BG readings over a 2-3 month period. The A1C # you will be trying to achieve should ideally be somewhere between 5.0 - 7.0

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:34:10 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:34:08 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:34:06 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

Anonymous 2014-10-22 09:33:58 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:45 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:27 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:24 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:21 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:15 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

TedDe 2014-10-22 09:33:11 -0500 Report

fiber definitely reduces blood sugar however 7.0 is high for A1C I started at 7.6 and now have been consistent between 5.9 and 6.3 and still require daily testing and oral medication

Tom G.
Tom G. 2014-09-23 15:38:52 -0500 Report

Okra taste like you know what. So it has to be good for you. My Grandfather lived to be just days short of 99 years old so I tend to listen what he said. He said, If it taste good spit it out, It can't be good for you. With that in mind, Does okra taste good ? To me from me YUK ! But I might have to try it. I can always spit it out :D.

Justsaying 2014-08-12 10:53:03 -0500 Report

Anyone ever developed a problem eating something healthy? Look it should be apparent to all at this time that the FDA is not in the business of developing cures. They want you to stay unhealthy more money for them.

rainey59 2017-07-22 05:27:59 -0500 Report

Claims of “miracle cures” always need to be taken with many grains of salt. If the way to make diabetes “go away” were truly as simple as drinking a glass of okra water every day, this would be a fact that doctors would advocate and every diabetic would know — it wouldn’t be an obscure “Did you know?” type of trivia item promulgated via social media. <This was on snopes…I'm with you,the Govts & Pharmas don't want us curing ourselves by eating natural,healthy eating/living or their billion$ profits would be no more ;) I recently lost my Sister to cancer,she had the poison chemo/radiation & it came back… I wouldn't put that poison in my body,I've research natural alternatives & would rather try that & hopefully live life longer or at least go out on my terms. Pharmaceutical companies & Govts = all for profit & non caring for lives… disgraceful really :(

Mwc4God 2014-07-09 09:11:37 -0500 Report

Adee5, I did that yesterday and after a hour or so I felt a tingling over my entire body. Not good or bad just a tingling that has stayed with me to some degree. Today I did it again, but after reading the bit about kidney stones I will not do it anymore, but I may add a "little" Okra to my diet. Kidney stones are bad, I had them twice before and do not want them again at any cost.
Thanks for your post, that is all I can say about my experience with it.

haoleboy 2014-07-09 10:31:43 -0500 Report

A common reaction to niacin, which okra is high in, is a tingling sensation. some people are more sensitive to this than others.
My ex was very sensitive to niacin.


Mwc4God 2014-07-09 09:08:06 -0500 Report

I found this at Weki: Oxalic acid[edit]
Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring colourless organic acid found in many plants including okra. Okra contains 0.05g/100g of oxalic acid.[21] The toxicity of oxalic acid is due to kidney failure, which arises because it causes precipitation of solid calcium oxalate, the main component of kidney stones. Oxalic acid can also cause joint pain due to the formation of similar precipitates in the joints.

Gibby154 2014-06-29 11:44:53 -0500 Report

I've tryed this for 3 days and it seems to keep my BS steady instead of spiking'
I was able to get by with only half my prescribed insulin during this time. Even with very moderate walking it kept my BS at around 158 instead of dropping very low due to the exercise. I recommend this for anyone with type 2.

mymom51 2014-06-23 21:48:34 -0500 Report

I've controlled my diabetes with diet and exercise for the last 5 years. I take it seriously as family members have succumbed to it through stubbornness. My A1C hovers around 6 with no meds and I still use a small amount of sugar in my diet. I would think that slicing okra in a salad would make more sense than leaving it in water over night. I realize that my situation is fairly unique but the only time my A1C has been up is when I was recovering serious surgery and then it was still under 7.

jigsaw 2014-02-03 14:53:32 -0600 Report

Here is some info concerning the origins of okra curing diabetes.

GabbyPA 2014-02-05 09:41:34 -0600 Report

As encouraging as this sounds, Snopes is one of my "don't trust" sites. But even they get it right sometimes. I may just have to buy some okra and give this a try. Put things to rest, at least for me.

jigsaw 2014-02-05 16:16:44 -0600 Report

Definitely a few people trying it out. If you come across a worthwhile recipe, let me know. Even if it helps blood glucose, I doubt if it will be earth shattering. I have found cinnamon, Aloe, and vinegar to have what appears to be mild stabilizing effects on blood sugar. I wouldn't bet my life on it though, and I have read some negatives about them also. Bottom line, I still have to take my medication. No fantastic home remedies so far.

rainey59 2017-07-22 05:38:15 -0500 Report

Govts & Pharmas don't want us curing ourselves by eating natural,healthy eating/living or their billion$ profits would be no more ;) I recently lost my Sister to cancer,she had the poison chemo/radiation & it came back… I wouldn't put that poison in my body,I've research natural alternatives & would rather try that & hopefully live life longer or at least go out on my terms. Pharmaceutical companies & Govts = all for profit & non caring for lives… disgraceful really :(
Don't know much about okra,but it's a plant,will do some more research,maybe in small doses with other plants/herbs/spices healthy living,it's gotta be way better than eating the store bought stuff anyday… I swear by cinnamon,turmeric (google the benefits,amazing for all sorts of health issues) I was very recently diagnosed with diabetes & put on metformin,(think too many sweet etc) my daughter was type2 diabetic & has been vegan now for 3+years,her Dr called her into his office & asked what has she been doing,(as her blood work came back excellent & he said the age of a 16/17 year old & she's 35 lol)he now wants to do a case study for reversing her diabetes with the Australian medical association.My daughter went vegan for her own reasons & not one of these pushy vegans (TG) I could easily be Vegan,except I like my 'true' free range eggs & organic honey (vegans don't use any animal product) so I'm happy to remain vegetarian & adjust my sweet tooth with vegan/vegetarian no/low sugar/low carb recipes… I'll let you know how I go :)

Nick1962 2014-02-04 09:15:02 -0600 Report

Nice, they even underline the word “MAY” as in “might or might not”. As the article states, if there were some validity to the okra juice, some pharmaceutical company would have already learned to extract or synthesize it for this use.

You know what’s coming next right? Somewhere, someone will think if two okra “fingers” works, then 100 must be better and end up pressing a batch of okra wine. Not really sure how the body would react to that.

rainey59 2017-07-22 05:53:10 -0500 Report

Pharmaceutical companies would NOT use anything that maybe good for you,they're out to keep us unhealthy,or their billion $ profits would go out the window…here in Australia every five years for the last several decades,it's been on the news that scientists have come up for a cure for cancer,but it won't be ready for another 5 years,you guessed it,never hear about that 'cure' ;) & they then repeat that scientists have come up with a cure etc…January this year, I said to my 18 year daughter,watch this segment,they'll say at the end,''it won't be ready for another 5 years'' for the first time in decades they didn't say it…guess social media & individuals are spreading the 'bad' word on drug companies b.s. ;) I've been saying for years there must be a simple cure for cancer,(gawd forbid we can cure C with a cheap product) eg: aloe vera,bi-carb (well balanced alkaline,cells can't survive) Doctors only learn about the conventional drugs/methods &don't want to know about natural alternatives,think about it,they'd soon be out of a job if we all stayed healthy ;) I've been with my Dr for over 20 years & always tell her I rather try natural,but of course she didn't want to hear it,but recently I told her I was taking turmeric for several reasons & to my shock & amazement she actually had nothing but good things to say,guess her patients have had success with turmeric with various health issues? It's the alternate medicine for the residents of India & they have very little health problems,spicy food mild or hot,has it's benefits…turmeric & ginger are a great combination I find,but only just started using it a few months ago.

jigsaw 2014-02-04 18:51:40 -0600 Report

If the wine has promising effects, I'm immediately starting a winery! Just wondering, does okra grow in NC? On second thought, I retract that idea, after all, who would enjoy a glass of slimy wine?

Chopstix 2014-02-05 15:20:36 -0600 Report

Being a former soldier and truck driver I have found that some people will eat/drink just about anything…

jigsaw 2014-02-05 19:23:49 -0600 Report

You are definitely correct! Unfortunately, many people have no idea what's in the ingredients of the foods they think they're familiar with also!

rainey59 2017-07-22 05:59:00 -0500 Report

Love my smoothies,'kale' is strong tasting,so I use a little less,but add broccoli,spinach n cinnamon… it's yum,but you could add an apple ;) lol

jigsaw 2014-02-05 08:56:11 -0600 Report

Actually, I haven't tried either of them. Once I hear about people drinking fish roe and salmon smoothies with a bit of raw clam mixed in, I'll probably give it a shot! Until then, I'll stick with my strawberry and blueberry smoothies, mixed in my super Ninja. Absolutely delicious, and healthy with fiber, and low glycemic fruit. Thick and creamy also, with absolutely 0% slime.

rainey59 2017-07-22 06:01:34 -0500 Report

Raspberries & blueberries for me (only cos i don't like strawberries) raspberries are a great anti-oxidant,I use chia seed too…but you can keep the fish stuff LOL

Nick1962 2014-02-05 10:45:20 -0600 Report

That's one smoothie I'll not be asking you to share! Have heard of folks adding fish oil though. You can have my portion of that as well.

Adee5 2014-02-03 11:42:26 -0600 Report


I so agree. I am not asking anyone to try this. My problem with Just Joyce's comments is she's making it seem as if I'm standing on a mountain top proclaiming this miracle vegetable will cure diabetes! That was not my statement! As a matter of fact, I did not make a statement, I ASKED 2 questions. Whether anyone else heard of this, and whether anyone has tried it with positive results! I have purchased some okra and will try this for myself. I will try it in the water, and I will try it eating it whole. If I have anything to report, whether positive or negative, I will post it. Because I do post it does not mean it will be a success or failure for everyone else. Everyone's comments on this post has truly been helpful. One of the things I've looked for on this site is motivation. I assure you, I am motivated..

GabbyPA 2014-02-05 09:46:11 -0600 Report

Jigsaw found an article on it on Snopes. Who knows if it works. No one, unless we try it. I guess because it sounds kind of gross, we avoid it. But to be honest, how gross is it that we put drugs in our bodies? At least okra is a food. Meant to be consumed...slime and all. LOL

GabbyPA 2014-02-02 11:01:43 -0600 Report

Interesting, because you are the second person to post something on it in the last week. For the cost of some okra, why not try it and see what it does? Or more so, how does it taste? Who it brave enough to try it and report?

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 13:00:53 -0600 Report

Count me out, I don't like okra and we as lay people can say it works but without clinical trials and detailed research studies we have done nothing of scientific value.

To be proven factual and accurate, the study would have to be down by an accredited research facility that has the ability to do the research in a controlled manner.

I don't understand why you would advocate anyone doing this when you know there is no proof it actually works.

GabbyPA 2014-02-03 08:17:54 -0600 Report

Because there is no proof that it doesn't.

To be honest, a clinical study doesn't mean it will work for me. Only trying it myself will let me know if it will work for me.You give far too much credit to the Alphabet Agencies and not enough to your own body. I trust the FDA about as far as I can throw them, and getting something healing from foods is far more beneficial than a pill or a shot.

Number one being, there is no prescription required to obtain it and it is then available to the masses and not just the ones who have money to buy doctor opinions and pills.

As okra is not something that you can OD on or that will cause a third eye to appear on your forehead (or any number of the side effects that FDA approved drugs offer)...who knows. Why not try it? The worst it can do is make you gag on okra slime. The best it can do is make your levels better. What is the problem with trying it out?

rainey59 2017-07-22 06:15:44 -0500 Report

Totally with you Gabby on the Pharmas/Govts who knows what they're feeding us…besides B.S. ;) LOL

rainey59 2017-07-22 06:14:34 -0500 Report

If it was natural,plant based or herbs/spices,as I wouldn't trust the Govts/Pharma companies as far as I could throw them,the drug companies don't want home remedies because they'd put their billion $ yearly profits down the drain… I know so many people put on various drugs & been worse off over the years (too many problems to list) why would anyone put something unnatural in their body (yes I've taken meds/antibiotics in the past,have they worked?Partially,but had many side effects) I would try 'natural' over drug companies meds over a long period,who knows what's in the drugs? Just saying ;)

theladyiscrazy 2014-02-02 15:02:47 -0600 Report

Just Joyce,

You do realize that some meds came about not through scientific studies, right? The dosage for children for antibiotics is one such thing. There was not a "scientific study or clinical trial" that was done. Many meds utilized in children medicine in particular were done via trial and error. Another thing is a med created for one ailment that later is found to help people who suffer from another ailment. How does that happen, well a person with condition 1 and 2 is given a drug for condition 1, but condition 2 improves as well or instead of. That is why you see things like Humana being prescribed for more than what it originally came out for. Did they go into trials initially to test multiple things? Sometimes results, even in scientific studies,or objective (cholesterol studies often were in this latter category).

The other thing is NO ONE here stated it worked. The question was had anyone heard about it and if anyone knew if it was accurate or not. There are things that were created in nature that help (or harm) us and it doesn't take a scientist to figure it out. Grandma had home remedies that actually work and that science is now going back and proving she knew what she was talking about. (chicken soup anyone)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 15:45:29 -0600 Report

I know this but do you think that this is going to happen today? Do you think the public is going to allow someone to cook something up in their kitchen claim it does something without the FDA, AMA, Dept. of Agriculture and everyone else first studying it?

There are a wide variety of medications that were meant for one thing but is found to help another. They do this because of research and because some doctor has a patient that found a medication helped with something else.

I agree just about everyone over the age of 40 was treated with grandmas home remedies.

What I am saying is do not defend something that is not proven or accurate. If you want to know if something works, try it out and find out. Pay attention to what you are reading.

I agree with you that research can and cannot be objective. What they are looking for is a medication that will cure, prevent a medical problem or maintain/correct the problem. They do this with research and clinical trials and then you see that it is a proven study. Even then the results do not benefit everyone with the medical condition.

My question to you is this, if Adee found out that it worked would you try something someone cooked up in their kitchen and said it worked?

theladyiscrazy 2014-02-02 16:47:10 -0600 Report

Okra, NO. However, I do use certain spices that have been touted to help with health. Many things have been studied in the Natural/Alternative medicine field but are not backed by FDA. The reason, you can't patent something that occurs in Nature on its own.

Even drugs that are "approved" with scientific studies behind them are being pulled all the time for health risks and issues that "the scientific studies" didn't show. Why? Because there is such a push to get a med to the market as fast as they can, that often long term studies have not been completed. Worse still, are meds prescribed to children before they are aware of side effects, especially unique side effects that a child may have yet an adult wouldn't.

I am not advocating for trying something "unproven". However, I do not see the harm in reading about something and coming her to ask if anyone else had heard of it and if anyone had tried it. The same would be if I came here and asked if anyone had tried a certain med and if it worked for them or not. It is not a replacement for medical information BUT rather educating oneself on ALL possibilities.

AGAIN, no one asked someone to do this in lieu of what medical professionals had told them.

Adee5 2014-02-02 14:01:21 -0600 Report

Just Joyce,

What you need to understand is this: at NO TIME have I advocated this issue. None of my posts or responses are directing or informing anyone that okra is finally a cure all. What my posts asks is if anyone else heard of this and whether anyone has tried it with positive results. I don't like or appreciate you suggesting or making it seem as if I am prescribing okra as a solution to diabetes! I don't understand why your making it seem like I am pushing this on the Diabetic Connect community. I appreciate all your and everyone's input, but please don't make it seem as if I'm advocating anything. I am not a doctor or a scientist. I am just looking, like so many others here, for answers, help and motivation.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 15:47:37 -0600 Report

Then why don't you try it and see if it works? That is the only way you will find out if it works and just because it works for you it may not work for others. Did you read the post from James about this very same conversation we had last week? If you do that you will find even more responses to the very same topic.

Adee5 2014-02-02 15:54:01 -0600 Report


If I knew there was a post previously mentioned regarding the same topic, I assure you, I wouldn't have mentioned it again. You're interpretation of my post is inaccurate to say the least.

theladyiscrazy 2014-02-02 10:47:12 -0600 Report

I hate okra because of its sliminess. There is no way I will drink the slime. BLAH.

Fritzyy 2014-10-12 20:54:33 -0500 Report

i really love to eat okra, they are not bad as you think, just boil them in a couple of minutes and woooppp, delicious!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 12:46:00 -0600 Report

Thelady, my mother cooked okra all the time and there is a way to do it so it isn't slimy. I don't like it at all so I never paid attention to how she did it.

MsQueenie 2014-02-02 05:40:39 -0600 Report

You know, I wouldn't be in such a rush to believe this because there hasn't been any clinical trials. Actually at the bottom of the issue it had last updated 28 January 2014 and under that was Urban Legends Reference Pages 1995-2014 by snopes.com (go figure).

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 12:56:55 -0600 Report

MsQueenie this started on Facebook and a doctor wrote an article on it. For some reason two different people have posted on here thinking it was real. The first thing I did was research the person who wrote the article. He is a medical doctor but he has not done a study so this is bogus information.

MsQueenie 2014-02-02 15:11:33 -0600 Report

Just Joyce, I do know that a doctor started the saying, but if you noticed what I said, I said there hasn't been any clinical trials and I also said that it was noted, not originated in the Urban Legends Reference pages, or that was what I meant, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do agree with Glucerna, haoleboy, and you, I'm not disputing it. also in the article it was said that soluble fiber as in okra and other foods forms a gel inside the bowels that slows down the absorption of food from the gut, evening out the peaks in blood glucose that occurs after meals. Soluble fiber also draws in bile acids that contribute to raised cholesterol, allowing the body to pass the acids out of the system instead of reabsorbing them into the blood. So soluble fiber offers the double potential benefits of lowering cholesterol and possibly reducing progression to diabetes. All in all I believe that eating okra along with other soluble fibers may improve the state of diabetes and make it more bearable for the diabetic. My home nurse always say before she leave, " eat lots of fiber and load up on the beans". I say "I will" and I do.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 15:51:36 -0600 Report

I agree with you. I read the article and several others on this topic.

Researching requires finding the original source of the information. A doctor talked about that was basically the gist of it.

Everything I have read about soluble fiber requires that you eat the foods high in soluble fiber.

meadowrose 2014-02-01 20:26:53 -0600 Report

If it was left up to okra being the thing to control my blood sugar, I would be toasted, as I unequivocally cannot stand okra.

Adee5 2014-02-01 15:12:39 -0600 Report

Isn't that what research is? Looking for facts to prove or disprove a particular subject? Goofy or not, there is some relevance with the actual consumption of okra providing the soluble fiber that can help prevent the absorption of glucose. It's research, I'm on a truth/fact finding mission. This is why I turned to the group.. Thank you for your input, Just Joyce…

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 12:52:18 -0600 Report

Yes research is finding facts to prove or disprove something but you are trying to defend something with no merit.

If you read what everyone who read the article you will see that is was updated Jan 28 of this year and there has not been any clinical trials. This actually started on facebook earlier this year.

The person who did this does not have any scientific information to back up the claim. It may or may not have worked for them. No one knows.

You are on a futile mission because there is absolutely nothing to back this up so why waste your time and if you are not in a setting to do the scientific research what is the point?

Adee5 2014-02-02 14:04:40 -0600 Report

Defend? I defend nothing, Just Joyce. Nothing at all. I don't understand how a question turned into a debate.

Adee5 2014-02-01 14:51:14 -0600 Report

Thank you for your response Just Joyce. I don't want you or anyone to think I'm advocating this as fact. I was curious if anyone else had heard this, and even more curious if anyone has tried this with positive results. Research is research.. and more often than not takes us in complete circles with little or no answers. This is why I turned to this group to see if we, as real people, can shed any light into this subject. Anything that will help me with better control (not a cure, although, God willing, one will be available one day) is worth looking into. I still am doing research on this subject, however, I'm not advocating it, trying it, or substituting what I have read for my medication.

rainey59 2017-07-22 06:26:27 -0500 Report

Adee5,my daughter was diabetic (12 years),she recently reversed it,her doctor put it down to her being vegan for the past 3 years+,(she didn't go vegan with diabetes in mind,it was the awareness of animal cruelty on social media & the news,) turned out to be a great thing though)there will be a case study done with her now here in Perth W.A.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-02-02 12:55:06 -0600 Report

In a sense you are advocating it because everyone has told you there is nothing to back this up. You are not going to find research on something that has had no clinical trials to prove or disprove it. This is simply something that started on Facebook and I don't beleive anyting I read on Facebook as being FACTUAL and I don't believe research that has not been proven through the use of clinical trials.

GabbyPA 2014-02-02 11:04:55 -0600 Report

Yes, I agree. There are all kinds of natural elements out there that have been forgotten or just "take too long" for our instant gratification society. I have found that herbs are very helpful and that food is just as much our friend as our enemy depending on what we choose.

rainey59 2017-07-22 06:31:33 -0500 Report

Natural alternatives, plant based herbs,spices…HAVE to be a better alternative to the drugs the pharmas & govts keep pushing on us,just so they can profit big time & at the risk of harming us,they simply don't want to hear about 'natural'alternatives,as they'd go out of business…my Aunt & Uncle live a simple farm life & healthy eating & good old fashion remedies,they are currently in their late ninety's & still don't look like slowing down lol ;)

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