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Started 2014-01-21 10:40:47 -0600

I joined a gym and I go for the orientation tomorrow. What should I take with me besides water? (For the highs and lows) high blood pressure also. Thanks for help and suggestions.

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Nick1962 2014-01-21 11:02:19 -0600 Report

A couple things not usually thought of, and I’m not sure how computer savvy you are, or if you have insurance, but…..
There are lots of small devices for tracking progress. We have multiple cheap (under $20) FitBit units like these:
They are handy and provide some motivation.

I know it's not gear, but if you have insurance, check to see if they have any incentive programs. Ours provides cheap tracking devices through the Polar system and we get huge discounts on premiums. We also report our physicals and get discounts for what are considered “healthy” or improving results.