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Im not quite sure how to describe the problem i am having. I am Type 1 diabetic and have had neuropothy for the last 6 or 7 years. It has spread up past my knees and from my finger tips to my elbows. I have been taking Neurotin, and amitryptaline. It useualy does a nice job of dulling the pain to a berable level. Lately though, I seem to have a small bundle of nerves that, well for a lack of a better term "explode" on my left foot. No medication seems to work when this happens. It will be fine for a while, explode, last a few very intense seconds, then stop. Repeting over and over for hours on end. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, how do you handle it??

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Docjjb 2014-12-09 22:15:44 -0600 Report

I've been diabetic since 1977 and have neuropathy since 1994. Have tried it all but the only way to tolerate the pain and remain active is with a grade of opioid that matches ur pain level. All the best and keep fighting!!

MeiMei 2009-03-09 11:37:26 -0500 Report

I also have neuropathy. My feet are numb sometimes, esp when my blood sugar is high. I also have numb spots on my abdomen which makes it nice for giving my injections. But I also have the exploding pains in my feet, ankles and lower legs. I find neurontin 600 mg at night helps a lot, along with my requip. I find that when my blood sugars are more in control the symptoms lessen

Anngelia 2009-01-07 11:35:21 -0600 Report

I too use Lyrica. It has helped more than anything else. Neurotin never did anything for me but Lyrica stops the stabbing pain. I think the doctors seem to really believe in it also.

Amy Togtman
Amy Togtman 2009-02-26 15:04:09 -0600 Report

Hi, everyone I also have neuropathy and I've tried Neurontin when I first got neuropathy and it didn't work at all, then I tried Lyrica and that helped a little bit and my dr. already had me on the highest dose he can give so he put me back on neurontin but a little stronger of a dose and I'm doing good with the pain but the feeling is totally gone in both feet and toes. And my dr. said there's nothing he can give me for that :(


Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-01-04 18:46:03 -0600 Report

Hello Airtazz,

I just want to know how have your BS been. Are they always High? Being a type 1 for many years I learned to get those BS under good control and some of that pain won't be as painful. I not saying the pain stop but should decrease…Debe

Airtazz 2009-01-06 19:38:02 -0600 Report

My BS is good, and you are correct, i can feel a differance when my sugars are up in my hands and feet. My biggest problem now is not the over all pain, but very localized exteam pain the i get in my left foot every so often.

Sparrow - 16557
Sparrow - 16557 2009-01-04 18:39:04 -0600 Report

I would talk to your doctor about Lyrica. Although my neupathic pain hasn't been TOO bad, my posiatrist told me that Lyrica is the new "med of choice" to treat it.

amk1626 2009-01-01 18:16:18 -0600 Report

Yes I experience the same thing right now I am just living with the pain but I do have an appt to see my doctor on the 9th so maybe he can tell me what is going on and help with differnt meds or something however I am only type 2

Airtazz 2009-01-01 18:38:28 -0600 Report

Any information you might receive would be very helpful. Please advise

amk1626 2009-01-01 20:13:06 -0600 Report

When I find any information out I will pass it along and hope it will help anyone else

countrydude 2009-01-01 21:13:01 -0600 Report

i have had Neuropothy for 6 years i was on nuroten it helped for a while,then my doctor put me on Lyrica 150MG capsules i take 2 capsules 2 times a day and it does a very good job.i hope this will help u.Happy New Year.

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