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Imagine a device, about the size of a credit card, that can be inserted just under the skin and that not only is capable of monitoring blood sugar levels but can also secrete insulin if those levels are too low.

People with type 1 diabetes would call a device like that “a miracle” or “a lifesaver”. The people at ViaCyte call it simply VC-01. They have developed it, tested it and are now ready to move it into clinical trials in people. The name VC-01 may not inspire you (I’m sure they’ll come up with something catchier), but it could change the lives of millions of people.

Next Thursday, January 23rd from noon till 1pm PT (3-4pm ET) we will be holding a Google Hangout on diabetes and two people from ViaCyte will be among our guests, talking about the device, how it works and who it could benefit.

The Hangout is a live, interactive webcast where we’ll ask experts questions and you get to hear them talk about the exciting progress being made in stem cell research into all types of diabetes. If you are signed up on Google + (it’s free) you can also post questions for us to ask the experts.

Besides the ViaCyte team we’ll be joined by Dr. Francisco Prieto, the Patient Advocate for diabetes on the stem cell agency’s governing Board. Dr. Prieto is a practicing physician, a researcher, a long time member of the American Diabetes Association and someone who has been active in diabetes care, patient and professional education throughout his career.

Our other guest is Chris Stiehl. Chris has lived with type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years and is a walking treasure trove of stories and experience about what it’s like to have this disease, how to live with it and the promise that stem cell research holds for people like him.

Here’s a link to our Google Hangout page. Feel free to share the link and the information with anyone you think might be interested.

The Hangout is free, it’s only one hour, and you could learn something that might change your life.


Kevin McCormack
Sr. Director Public Communications & Patient Advocate Outreach
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Office: 415-396-9813

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