Where do you get your motivation from?

Sugar Nana
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How can I keep motivated?

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Yerachmiel 2014-01-19 11:53:33 -0600 Report

Motivation is the desire and care to keep going. If someone climbing huge mountain losses interest or motivation will be work picking up parts on mountain

jigsaw 2014-01-21 14:10:26 -0600 Report

Perception as to size is in the eyes of the beholder! Fortunately, managing diabetes, is like climbing a medium mountain. With time and experience, could even become like climbing a small mountain!

LemonChocolatte 2014-01-19 10:59:04 -0600 Report

Hello Sugar Nana, I truly understand how difficult it is to stay motivated, especially when you've been exercising, and montioring you diet. I go thru those same emotions and find myself doubting the strength and determination that is within me.

I take it that you're a grandmother by the name Sugar "Nana" ?
You have people who love you and support you. Nothing makes us feel better about ourelves than being able to say " I DID IT " Start with a very simple goal. Remove something from your diet that you're having difficulty letting go. Even if it's for a day, Once you start to see that you do have the will power and determination you will increase you challenge.

Continue with your workout, you may want to add a dance class or take a class to fill in idle time. I recently retired and honestly, I noticed that I am constantly snacking on something ( not always healthy snaks) after I returned from the gym ! I have since filled my day with classes to keep me moving and focused on other things. Something else that may help you, perhaps start a daily chronology of you food/drink intake. You will be surprised when you see what you are consuming. Don't forget your WATER.

My weakness is bread, I love bread all breads. Although, I buy nutritious breads they all don't agree and tend to cause my blood sugar to rise. There are some breads I truly can not eat (corn bread) because of the adverse effect, I know this and I have eliminated that food from my diet.

None of this is easy for us, food is so powerful and we just do the absolute best we can …and I know YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Until next time…I wish you STRENGTH & DETERMINATION

Sugar Nana
Sugar Nana 2014-01-20 08:42:49 -0600 Report

Now that's a great motivational talk! I have had to give up pasta. Only a rare occasion that I eat any form of a noodle. :-( . It just sends me through the roof. Food is my constant enemy. The devil, himself, in disguise!

GabbyPA 2014-01-17 20:56:46 -0600 Report

My meter motivates me. So does my mirror and most of all how I feel motivates me. I feel so much better when I am having success with my numbers. I have energy, and just feel good. That feeling goes a long way to making me keep doing the right things.

jigsaw 2014-01-19 09:23:19 -0600 Report

My meter talks to me, and tells me to relax! I'm not joking, it really does. Unfortunately, it reads very high and got me quite frustrated until I realized it was reading high by 50 points. Not good for relaxation. Of course I use a different brand, and my frustration has dwindled. With my new accurate meter, I am motivated once again! (-;

Nick1962 2014-01-17 15:09:24 -0600 Report

This is going to sound pretty shallow compared to some of the other answers, but to some degree, money motivates me. When I saw how much I was spending on healthcare issues just to “maintain” a certain life (money I could avoid spending through better choices), it dawned on me that a lot of those funds could be better spent on things that “enriched” my life. Blood pressure meds or the Bahamas – not a tough choice in my book.

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2014-01-17 11:17:02 -0600 Report

I was at the peak of my eye surgeries when my son was in his senior year. I was legally blind for a while. I got enough vision back to watch his last season of football, some of it with a gas bubble in my eye. I would have died or become a filthy alcoholic or something if I couldn't see his touchdown in the playoffs. I decided I didn't want to miss anything along the way, thats when I decided to be serious about things and quit screwing around.

Bekah Nikole
Bekah Nikole 2014-01-16 22:43:37 -0600 Report

What keeps me going when I just want to sit on the couch and fume or be lazy is my midgets and my Hubby. My Grandma was a type 1 diabetic, she took care of herself for awhile. Then she wouldn't, which of course meant reactions and emergency hostipal visits. We always had to worry about her. I don't want my midgets to have to worry about me constantly the way I used to have to worry about my Grandma. My Hubby has stood by me, helped me, listened to me cry when I can't take it at times and encouraged me to keep trying everyday. I would never want to hurt him by not taking care of myself. They are my reasons to keep pushing and trying everyday, I'm thankful for them everyday.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-01-16 22:23:31 -0600 Report

Hi Sugar Nana,

Nice to see you! And a great question.

I always try to encourage my clients to look inside themselves for motivation. And to ask themselves questions like: What's important to me in my life? What's my vision for the future look like? Who are the people in my life I really want to be there for? What do I want to accomplish in my life?

Followed by: What do I need to build into my self-care routine to keep myself as healthy as possible?

It can also help to have a solid support team in place. Build in some accountability by letting them know what you are working toward in your life and what you need to do for your health and wellness.

One day at a time!


Sugar Nana
Sugar Nana 2014-01-18 08:01:34 -0600 Report

Good set of questions Dr. Gary. Today is Saturday and I'm going to write your questions down and answer with a lot of soul searching. Thanks!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-01-18 18:38:40 -0600 Report

Hey Sugar Nana,

So glad to know I was helpful. Thanks for letting me know. And please keep me posted!


Glucerna 2014-01-16 18:32:26 -0600 Report

This is a great discussion, and I find it very useful to hear what motivates each individual person. We often search for motivation outside ourself, but what I'm reading is that looking inside and thinking about how we want to live our life is one of the best ways to discover and maintain motivation. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jigsaw 2014-01-16 17:48:37 -0600 Report

I've posted these words before, and I'll post them again!
They may seem harsh and extremely direct. To some, they may seem crude and nasty! To all, they speak the truth!
The man complained, that he had no shoes…Until he saw the man that had no feet!!! In other words, your better off appreciating what you do have, rather then being miserable about what you don't have.
With diabetes, If you don't stay motivated, you just might lose it all, and if not, you will definitely lose what you would love to keep.
Those words have helped me to stay motivated when I'm feeling otherwise. I have thanked the heavens above for staying motivated most of the time, and I'm extremely thankful for not giving in for more then a short burst.
I admit that the day I saw a GI that had his legs and arms blown off, and survived, I couldn't imagine where he found the strength to go on. I felt terrible for him, his wife and children, but I admired his strength, and will to live on. It also helped me to realize how fortunate I am.

Sugar Nana
Sugar Nana 2014-01-18 08:11:22 -0600 Report

I work in social services, so I too see misfortune abounds. I not only see but am involved with these individuals. I cannot allow myself to compare my life situations to theirs. We all deal with hardships in one form or another. I wanted to know how people with the same disease as I keep motivated to stay on track whether you have feet or not. Because even those with no feet need some motivation too.

jigsaw 2014-01-18 08:49:49 -0600 Report

Everybody could use support at times! The example I used in my reply was simply to make a point. I obviously have diabetes, and what I wrote in my reply, is what works for me. It's the entire concept that is my point, and has little to do with feet. I need some strong words at times to stay motivated! Sometimes I need to kick myself in the butt! Gentle persuasiveness doesn't always work for me. So, I hope you weren't offended by my potent example. Even if you didn't find my reply helpful, I assure you that being supportive and helpful was my intent.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-17 20:04:40 -0600 Report

Jigsaw you have posted those words before and they are very true. People have got to stop expecting others to motivate them and support their every need.

I was in the Caribbean and I think it was St. Lucia. We went through a small fishing village. The tour guide said it was a very poor village. We crossed a river, women were at the river washing sheets and laying them on the grass to dry. The shacks they lived in had electric extension cords going from house to house. some had no power. They had shutters but no window panes. The guide said if one person has two loaves of bread and a neighbor had none, the extra loaf went to them. Children were fed before the adults. Friday when the fishing boats returned, the village got to keep all the fish not purchased buy the hotels and restaurants. This was the one night everyone in the village had a meal. They could only grow a few veggies and everyone shared those. They found roots and berries in the woods when they were ripe They often had no meat.

If these people could find the motivation to get up every day and live no matter how bad the living was, I don't think anyone should ever need help with motivation. If you wake up in the morning with no help, if you can see, walk, talk and can smell the roses. That is all the motiviation I need.

jigsaw 2014-01-20 13:58:10 -0600 Report

Seeing 1st hand how these village people live must have been a mind expanding, interesting and wonderful experience.

jigsaw 2014-01-17 21:41:42 -0600 Report

Joyce, you are very lucky to have the inner strength that you need. You make some excellent points also.
I believe that some of us are physically strong, while others are not. This applies to mental state as well as the emotional state of being. Some people may not have the strength to accomplish what they need to without support. Some of us may need the support of others to help them find their own inner strength. I think thats ok!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-18 15:35:52 -0600 Report

I agree with that jigsaw. However, you have to get to the point where you don't need continuos support.

I think everyone has inner strength they just don't know how to tap into it.

I really don't mind helping people but my support comes with conditions. If you refuse to help yourself and constantly need me to help you with decisions I am done with you.

There comes a point in your life when you may not have someone that can be there when you need them.

By no means am I saying that a person is weak who needs support. Sometimes you need people to help you jump start your ability to function without support on a regular basis.

I really think it is how I was raised. My parents always asked what are you going to do if we are not here to help or support you. Believe me, I learned to not to depend on people to be there for me on a constant basis. It is like learning to walk when you are a baby, sometimes you simply have to let go and take those first steps all by yourself. It may sound harsh but the reality is, you are not going to have someone to support you when you need it.

jigsaw 2014-01-19 09:58:48 -0600 Report

That's why umbilical cords are for babies, and also removable! An adult would appear rediculous walking around on the beach with a long umbilical cord still attached. Just a soliloguy that came to mind. Yes, there comes a time when we have to cut the umbilical cord for our own good.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-20 10:06:27 -0600 Report

I agree jigsaw. There are times in life when you must learn to stand on your own two feet. When you depend on others to motivate you or make you happy, over time you lose your sense of self.

101 Diabetics
101 Diabetics 2014-01-16 18:17:42 -0600 Report

jigsaw that is so true!

One day years ago, I was so depressed. We were down in Florida. Then as we went to turn a corner, I saw this man on the sidewalk sliding along as happy as he could be. He didn't have any legs!

I said that day, I have nothing else to really complain about! Now every time I get down a little bit, I try to remember that man. He sure has been an inspiration to me!!!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-17 20:07:41 -0600 Report

101 there was a woman with no arms who use to be on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City who played a keyboard with her feet. People said she was there everyday rain or shine. She would smile at everyone who dropped change in her basket. This woman put her kids through college doing this everyday.

Just because you have a disability, a chronic disease, or any other problem does not mean you can't find happiness somewhere in your life.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-18 15:39:12 -0600 Report

Thank you. I am a firm believer that there is always someone somewhere in this world who is worse off than you are. Sometimes that person lives next door, across the street or right there in your own family. That is why I count my blessings and waking up in the morning is all the motivation I need.

It is like the post I see on facebook of the person getting up in the morning and the world saying watch out she is awake…LOL

dagger1234 2014-01-16 17:08:15 -0600 Report

Self motivation and help with family and friends. But if you yourself truly can change your eating habits and working out- you don't need anyone and don't have to depend on them. But good thing about having supporters is good when you lost hope or feel helpless and they swoop in to save you! Wee! Lol

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-16 13:18:43 -0600 Report

Wanting to live as healthy as possible with diabetes is self motivating me. I refuse to depend on anyone to movtivate me for the simple reason that I don't depend on others to make me happy. This prevents me from becoming co-dependent on others.

I know what I want to do in life, I know what I need to do to be healthy and I know what it is going to take for me to live healthier. That is all the motivation I need. I am way to independent to depend on people to help me with this. At the end of the day, where would I be if I depended on people for this.

If you look deep down in yourself and find all the things that motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and to go through your day, you will find the same things to motivate you without the help of others.

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