Carb Ratios!

By jaydoubleyou23 Latest Reply 2014-04-01 12:20:23 -0500
Started 2014-01-12 10:51:02 -0600

Just curious! What are your guy's insulin to carb ratios ? When I was first diagnosed I was 1:8. As I got farther in a worked my way down to a 1:25 almost to where I hardly use a lot of insulin anymore! The only down side is having to fill my omnipod with 80u no matter what, sometimes I don't even use half of it!

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SuzeeQQQ 2014-04-01 12:20:23 -0500 Report

mine is approximately 1:7, but, I just posted a new discussion about that asking if people find that it is different at different times of the day. I seem to be 1:6 at breakfast, 1:7 at lunch and 1:8 at dinner. Still trying to fine tune this machine. :-) I don't think it is carry over because it is over 4 hours between injections.

KBLegg 2014-01-14 09:31:14 -0600 Report

I have a 1:6 ratio from my doctor; programmed my Omnipod to that number. However, my numbers are all over the map, as I'm recuperating from knee replacement surgery a couple of months ago.

Chriswin89 2014-01-13 00:06:40 -0600 Report

Mine was 1:15 when I was diagnosed at 17. But now at 24 I'm at 1:8. But when you combine my diabetes with my anxiety/panic disorder it's makes my blood sugars very hard to control. But I'm definitely working on it.

kimfing 2014-01-12 11:07:03 -0600 Report

Mine is 1:30 or 1:40 depending on time of the month:-) i waste more than half of a vial of insulin per month