Blocking someone?

By dagger1234 Latest Reply 2014-01-12 15:37:21 -0600
Started 2014-01-10 15:56:27 -0600

How do I block people? Everytime I see a few of these individual's names, I cringe. I try hard to like everyone but some people just don't know when to quit and then I get agitated. I want to know why there is a blocking option but doesn't work?

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GabbyPA 2014-01-12 15:37:21 -0600 Report

The blocking option just blocks them from following or being your friend. In your block box, you may need to say why you want to block them and then the admins will look into your issues and see if they need to monitor or remove that member. If you are having trouble with individuals privately, please let me or Rachel know and we will look into it as well.

If it is in a public forum, there is nothing there you can do, but just ignore the person. If the comments are inappropriate, please use our red flag option and let us know.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-12 14:04:47 -0600 Report

Can I block someone from following me?
Yes. If you no longer want a member to follow you, click on the 'Block' icon on their profile. The member will be blocked from viewing your non-public information, including status and activity updates. Note: They will still be able to view publicly available information like your comments on a discussion thread. Community and patient advocates that help us monitor and maintain the site cannot be blocked.

denipink57 2014-01-11 17:42:48 -0600 Report

i used you as an example and called up your profile. right underneath "your favorites" where you have those lovely pictures there is a link that says "report/block dagger." so use me as an example to see what i mean. click on my picture and then go to "my favorites." go directly underneath too find the block feature. good luck. nothing worse than having to read posts from people that get your gander up. it is too bad to have to block people but what else are we supposed to do? we can't change their messages. do what you need to do to have a good experience here. Denise