making green smoothies for good health

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well i finally did it! took the plunge and bought a good blender. i have wanted to make healthy smoothies for soooo long but no money for a blender so now that i finally have one i am really excited!

made my first smoothy yesterday. 1 full head of romaine lettuce, half bunch of spinach, 3 stalks celery, one apple, one pear, one banana and half a lemon. whirled it all around and it came out so mushy. i put in 1-1/2 cups of water but that wasn't enough. the consistency was too mushy but all those green nutrients — i just love the idea of drinking my vegies because i find it hard to eat them. i always have to put margarine, salt and pepper on them. i use pink hymilayian salt which is very good with tons of minerals in them but i want to eliminate margarine from my diet. i am aiming for 2 smoothies a day.

anyway, i will be experimenting with smoothies now and i am finding great recipes off the Net.

hope you all are eating your veggies.

have a good day all! Denise

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jarett88 2014-01-06 21:01:47 -0600 Report

My history with food is lettuce to watery. Keep the lettuce out. Use ice. Ice will help thicken up smoothie.

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