New Insulin, menopause, sleep patterns, and thyroid problems.

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Hi everyone. Haven't been here for a while and just wanted to stop in and see how everyone is and share some things.
A few months ago my insurance (through my husbands job) switched my insulin. One day my husband went to the pharmacy to pick up my insulin and it was going to be $80!! So I was forced to switch from Lantus to Levemir. I wasn't happy about it but really had no choice. Fast forward to now. I've noticed that my feet and ankles don't swell nearly as badly as with the Lantus. I've also been able to loose about 22-23lbs without much effort. I think it's a shame that the drugs we need to help us stay healthy as diabetics can cause weight gain.
I'm also starting to have menopause signs. Yay me!! I'm looking forward to it all being finished and over with. I think 42 years is quite enough to deal with Aunt Flow!! The very worst part is dealing with the emotional roller coaster I've been on for just over a year now. It's like being in constant PMS!!
On top of all the other stuff going on my sleep patterns are all fowled up too. That's been a problem for a while now though. I go to sleep at a reasonable hour but wake up after just 3-5 hours of sleep and am awake for 2 or 3 hours. I usually go back to bed and am able to go back to sleep until time to get up. But, it's just crazy to have to do it in 2 sections. I'd just love to sleep straight through the night. That usually only happens about 2 to 3 times a month.
I was also diagnosed with hypothyroid back in the summer. Even more fun and games! I was at a doctors visit and mentioned that I am always cold and he said "lets check your thyroid". Sure enough it was low. I had mentioned to my previous doctor and he dismissed it immediately. "No your thyroid is fine" his words exactly. I'm just glad that it only took 25mcg to get it into the normal range.
So that's what's going on with me these days. Hope all of you had a nice Christmas and and very Happy New Year!

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Glucerna 2014-01-06 12:49:21 -0600 Report

Thanks for the update, and it sounds like you're dealing with all of the changes in your life really well. That's great to hear! ~Lynn @Glucerna