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Can somebody tell what's the best protein shake on the market

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mspiggy81 2014-01-06 01:23:37 -0600 Report

I use EAS Complete Protein Nutrition Shake. It's about $18 for a 2lb tub of powder at Walmart. 25g protein, 150 cals, 1.5g fat, 13g carbs, tons of vitamins. It's fairly comparable to Boost/Ensure except it's a bit lower in carbs and cheaper in the long run. It mixes really well in milk and doesn't taste bad in my opinion. Abbott pharmaceuticals makes it and it's 100% guaranteed not to have any of that nasty bad for you crap some protein powders have like creatine etc. The only downside to me is it gets kinda foamy on the top fairly quick so I have to stir frequently while drinking it, but I don't use a mixer or blender, just a fork when I mix it so that may make a difference.

karen7t2 2014-01-05 16:12:34 -0600 Report

I make a yogurt shake some mornings with some whey protein powder and flax seeds. I use whole fat yogurt, milk, a dollap of peanut butter and some frozen fruit or a banana.

Nick1962 2014-01-05 10:41:05 -0600 Report

That really depends on what you’re using them for and your tolerances to certain things. Of the three main types (whey, soy, and casein), each has a different purpose like weight loss, muscle building, muscle mass, recovery from injury, or even supplemental for vegans.
I‘ve used several, but only as a temporary measure.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-07 22:08:27 -0600 Report

I agree Nick and shakes should not be used to replace a meal. Too much protien can cause kidney stones and too much vitamin D can cause brittle bones. You will either bulk up or lose weight depending how you use those kinds of shakes. The only people I know who use them are friends who are bulking up and do extreme exercising with weights.

Nick1962 2014-01-08 08:52:21 -0600 Report

I’ve just learned through my journey that we spend way too much money on things like supplements and stuff without even knowing if our body needs them or if they even help (or harm). Excess protein can actually be stored as fat, and unfortunately it can also be flushed form your system taking calcium with it. Not a good thing. I just think it’s important to understand your needs.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-08 09:16:01 -0600 Report

I agree Nick. A lot of it comes from lack of educating yourself, talking to your doctor and trying to find quick solutions. Not one quick weight loss product works. Sensa now has to pay millions of customers back for money spent on their product.

People do not understand that protein shakes/bars, energy bars and drinks are for people who participate in very active sports. These products are not for people who are less or inactive. All you are doing is making the body adjust to something you really don't need.

Many of the supplements on the market come from foriegn countries. They are not regulated by the FDA and do not contain what is actully suppose to be in the bottle. A lot of it is repackaged for retail in this country.

There was a man from China in our Flea Market making a mint off of every kind of supplement on the market. He bought this stuff in his country. When the Market was raided he was one of the people caught for selling bootlegged items. This man was actually selling his supplements to local health food stores at wholesale prices. According to the FDA representative they had been tracking him. Every thing he had was fake including the Whey, Soy and Casein.

Trying to find quick fast solutions to improved health, cure diabetes, lower cholesterol and quick weight loss will do you far more harm than good. These products are sold to people who would rather do this than to learn how to prepare healthy meals and to eat healthy. Then they complain about the new medical problems they have and they did it to themselves.

Nick1962 2014-01-08 10:17:23 -0600 Report

Yeah, nearly drove into a tree when I heard that Sensa settlement. The original was only expected to be $9 million back in 2011, now they’ve “settled” at $26.5 million. Looks like someone is being made an example of (and a whole lot of people were looking for a magic bullet for weight loss).

In some cases extra protein is needed, but in the long run, educating yourself about healthy eating and making sometimes just small, manageable changes is all you need. I caught myself spending close to $450/year on supplements and vitamins (because I didn’t know better and listened to all the claims) only to find out some were not only counterproductive, but downright toxic. I’ve found better things to spend that $450 on since.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-08 12:12:28 -0600 Report

Sensa did not promote healthy eating to lose weight. The claim was sprinkle the powder on your food and eat as much as you want. People bought it like it was a magic wand.

I was surprised in the amount of the settlement. It was originally 9 million. The lawyers must have really burned the midnight oil to get the new settlement.

I hope you spend the $450 on something fun.

Nick1962 2014-01-08 14:59:39 -0600 Report

I think the class action lawsuit grew, and the manufacturer figured it’s time to settle before it gets even bigger.
Yes, the $450 went to a good place. I (we) made a deal/incentive program that any money we DON”T spend on medical stuff that we could prevent goes into a yearly vacation fund. It adds up quick!

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