A1C 11%

By lanessa Latest Reply 2014-01-05 22:31:24 -0600
Started 2014-01-04 20:43:23 -0600

What did y'all do to get y'all A1C down plz help me my A1C is 11% and i would like to get my A1C down to 6% tell me what did y'all do???

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csearcy517 2014-01-05 22:27:05 -0600 Report

Wow! Very glad to have read some of these posts. My A1c was 14 something when I was first diagnosed. I have managed to get it down to 8 but need to do better. I've basically been in denial for about a year. Glad to know there is a forum like this out there.

kimfing 2014-01-04 21:21:59 -0600 Report

A good meal plan, count carbs and if take insulin, good carbs to insulin ratio. Test first thing in the morning before u eat, after u eat and before bed. Log all numbers and what u eat. Exercise. I switched to all whole grain foods. Nothing instant unless sf pudding. I eat rams w cinnamon instead of potatoes. Eat on a consistent basis. Try not to skip meals. Good luck. I went from 11.7 in April 2013 (1st diagnosed) to 5.9 at the beginning of December. What made it a little easier was my job is very physically active so i never have to think about an exercise plan.

Again, good luck. Let me know how it goes