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Hi All,

Looking for some Ideas, support or guidance.
I am a Type 1 Diabetic with an Insulin Pump and Sensor. I am am avid crossfit participant and have been working on the paleo diet for approx 2 months. I am having a very hard time with recipes and am finding myself doing repeat recipes as a lot fo the include Honey, Fruit, and items that are natural but high in sugar… Anyone have any ideas or doing the same thing?

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1FLYCHIK 2014-01-03 18:56:02 -0600 Report

Thank You so much Nick! I actually just finished watching that video as soon as I got your reply :) Very interesting 411. I have been sticking with it as best as possible, it is a work in progress…

Nick1962 2014-01-03 18:45:14 -0600 Report

We do “modified paleo” which is a bit more relaxed on foods like dairy, legumes, and whole grains – used only in sparing moderation. Most modern foods we get now have been so genetically modified, they don’t have the same values as foods back then, and we truly don’t know how paleo man ate to begin with, because it varied by region. Here’s a TED video on that topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMOjVYgYaG8
That said – a “paleo template” type diet can be very easy to work with, but yes, like any eating plan, to stick with it you will get some repetition, but the body actually likes that.

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